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66 KG Drugs Worth Rs 40 Crores Seized in Dwarka; One Held


66 KG Drugs Seized in Dwarka: A large quantity of drugs has been seized near Khambhaliya in Devbhoomi Dwarka. Police in Rajasthan has arrested a man with 66 kg of drugs worth Rs 350 crore near Khambhaliya. The team from ATS, LCB and SOG jointly conducted the operation.

Crores of rupees worth of drugs seized. Police have captured a man from Aradhana Dham on Khambhaliya Highway with 66 kg of drugs worth Rs 350 crore. Devbhoomi Dwarka police have succeeded in seizing crores of rupees worth of drugs.

One person has been arrested.

Police are investigating where the drugs came from. Police had received reports that drugs were being smuggled by sea. Based on which Devbhoomi Dwarka police conducted a joint operation and arrested a person with a quantity of drugs.


Devbhoomi Dwarka SP Sunil Joshi has given the information. An accused was nabbed near Vadinar with 14 to 15 kg of drugs, they said. Its market value is Rs 70 crore, the SPA added. However, a total of 66 kg of drugs were seized. Its value is believed to be around Rs 350 crore.

66 KG Drugs Seized in Dwarka

Judi police abuse scandal has been active in different branches of the initiative.

Dev Bhoomi Dwarka district has been a centre of past drug and arms smuggling and infiltration. At that time, various branches of the local Police became active and speeded up the drug scam. Devbhoomi Dwarka LCB and SOG have carried out the operation. A Rajasthani man has been nabbed near Khambhaliya. Devbhoomi Dwarka SP Sunil Joshi has given information about this. An accused was nabbed near Vadinar with 14 to 15 kg of drugs. Its market value is Rs 70 crore, the SPA said.


Even before he was jhadapayum drugs by sea is a vast sea area of the God’s Own Dwarka area in terms deemed susceptible God’s Own Dwarka district, and various security agencies to look when it is lived constantly on the area, before transporting drugs, including several times here drugs by sea Has come up against.

Earlier, a large quantity of drugs was seized from

Mundra port in Kutch. A few days ago, a massive quantity of drugs worth an estimated Rs 21,000 crore was seized at Mundra port. It was found that this quantity was hidden behind talcum powder. The Director of Revenue Intelligence took action at Mundra Port. In which the quantity of drugs from 2 containers was expedited. The NIA is investigating the drugs.

In addition to the Rs 21,000 crore drug case, the NIA has also launched an investigation into suspicious containers. The DRI seized drugs worth Rs 21,000 crore. The NIA is investigating the involvement of international drug mafias in this case.


The case relates to the seizure of heroin from a consignment of semi-processed talcum stones coming from Afghanistan, which arrived at the port of Mundra from the Iranian port of Abbas. The case was initially investigated by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI). The case was later handed over to the NIA by the Union Home Ministry.

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