ICMR To Get 8 Lakh Antibody Test Kits, Preparations Against Coronavirus

Antibody Blood Test Kit

More than 100 people have died due to corona in the country, and so far more than 4 thousand cases have been reported. Amidst growing examples of Coronavirus, the government has decided to conduct rapid antibody tests in cluster and hotspot areas. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) will get 7 lakh test kits from April 8 for this test.

Deliveries of Rapid Antibody Test Kit will provide to ICMR in a phased manner. It believed that 5 lakh test kits would be available in the first phase. The test kit has ordered. Recently, the ICMR had issued an advisory, in which it said that rapid antibody tests should do in clusters or hotspot areas.

What Is An AntiBody Blood Test

A blood sample of the patient is taken in a rapid antibody blood test. Its result comes in 15 to 20 minutes. In this, by touching the needle in the finger, they take samples of blood. In this, it sees whether antibodies are working in the blood of the suspect to fight the Coronavirus.

This test is more effective in those people whose symptoms do not appear in the beginning. However, the Rapid Antibody Test does not tell if you have coronavirus infection. But from this test, it is known that in which area the corona cases are increasing rapidly.

If the Rapid Antibody Blood Test is negative by ICMR, then RT-PCR test of the patient should be done. If the test results are positive, then keep the person in isolation as per protocol, treat and find the people in contact with them.

The Government Has Decided To Conduct Rapid Antibody Tests In Cluster and Hotspot Areas. The ICMR Will Receive 7 Lakh Test Kits From April 8 For This Test.

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