9 RPF Personnel Found Coronavirus Positive, 28 Soldiers Were Tested

Coronavirus Positive News

A team of 28 soldiers of the Railway Protection Force came to Delhi from Kharagpur to take ammunition. But due to the lockdown, the Coronavirus test positive of 9 of these soldiers has come back after 23 days. While the test result of 4 jawans is yet to come. 28 Jawans of RPF special train number 12443 walked from Kharakpur on March 19 and reached Anand Vihar on March 20.

The Journey From Delhi to Howrah – Coronavirus

The party, which came to Delhi to take ammunition for the South Eastern Railway, left Parcel Special Train 00326 on April 13 from New Delhi to Howrah. After reaching Howrah, the team reached Kharakpur at 1:30 pm on April 14 in an RPF bus. Meanwhile, some jawans had landed for their duty place on the way. According to the railways, these soldiers quarantined at their respective duties.

A soldier of the same team reached Kharakpur reached Balasore on the night of April 14 by another parcel train. The next day this soldier feared. Its test of Coronavirus took place on the 16th. On April 20, the result of its test was positive.

COVID-19 test for all 28 RPF soldiers, all the jawans returned from Delhi were tested after one of the soldiers found corona positive. In which eight other soldiers also found Coronavirus positive. A total of 24 soldiers have had their test results, of which nine are positive. The test result of the other four soldiers is yet to come.

What Did RPF Say?

RPF says that after reaching Kharakpur, the soldiers quarantined at their duty place, and they did not come in contact with the public on the way. A committee has set up to investigate how this RPF team Coronavirus got infected.

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