Acharya Balakrishna Said- Patanjali Yogpeeth Discover Corona’s Medicine

Acharya Balakrishna on Corona Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine to prevent the spread of coronavirus and cure the infected has prepared. Patanjali Yogpeeth CEO Acharya Balakrishna has made this claim on Saturday. He said that the clinical trial of the drug had completed in the first phase. Its 100% result has come. Hundreds of patients have recovered from taking this medicine. All the evidence will put in front of the world with data of patients cured in the next 3-4 days.

Acharya Balakrishna On Corona Medicine

Acharya Balakrishna said, “When the Corona started spreading, we put a team of scientists for research. Scientists have identified herbs to fight, spread, and heal the Corona. They tested after preparing them for processing. Hundreds of Corona-positive patients given these medicines. It got 100% result. ”

70-80% of people cured in just 5-6 days, said Balakrishna, “Of the Corona positive patients who given these medicines, 70 to 80% of the patients cured in just 5 to 6 days. All patients recovered within 14 days of taking the drug. All such patients later found to be Corona negative. Not only this, even severe patients gave this medicine, and they also recovered. Acute problems like phlegm, fever, breathing difficulties also overcome.

100% Cure Of Corona in Ayurveda

Balakrishna said, “The solution of the Corona is 100% possible with Ayurveda. Success in clinical trials. We are now conducting clinical control trials. So far, it has also yielded positive results. In the coming 3-4 days, we will present the full details of this to the world with evidence.

Scientists From All Over The World Are Busy Making Medicines

Acharya Balakrishna, CEO of Patanjali Yogpeeth, is doing day-to-day research for the corona infection drug, which claims to discovered. If this claim of Balakrishna is valid, then it will be a matter of great relief for the whole world, including India.

Not only this, the sting of India and Ayurveda will also start ringing all over the world. So far, 77.39 lakh people have been affected by Corona across the globe. Of these, 4.28 lakh people have also died. Among the most affected countries, India is now the only country where the rate of spread of infection and those who die from it is the fastest.