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Aligarh Name Change: UP Government Planning To Change Aligarh Name


Aligarh Name Change: Elections are going to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year. Before the elections, the BJP government of the state is preparing to change the names of some cities of the state. Aligarh’s name is also included in those cities. BJP is preparing to rename Aligarh as ‘Harigarh’. Let us tell you that Aligarh was known as Kol or Koil in the 18th century. The name of this place was Koil because a tribe named Koil lived here. Even today, you get to see many old forts, door forts and ruins in Aligarh.

Aligarh Name Change

It is believed that Dor Rajputs used to rule here sometime before when Muslim invaders attacked here. Later, the remains of many Buddhist idols were also found on the excavation of this place. Along with these remains, the remains of Hindu temples were also found here. According to many historians, in 1194 AD, Qutb-ud-din Aibak went from Delhi to Koil. There used to be a fort here, which was considered one of India’s most fabulous forts.

Ibn Battuta has told the history of the place.

After the arrival of Qutb-ud-din Aibak, Hisam-ud-din Ulbak was appointed as the first Muslim governor of Koil. In the book written by Ibn Battuta, it is said that in the year 1541, the Mongol emperor of the Yuan dynasty of China came to the coast of Cambay (in Gujarat) in 1341 with 15 ambassadors representing Ukhontu Khan. From here, he travelled to Koil. Ibn Battuta called this place a ‘good city of the ordinary people. Later its name was changed to Haridesh. Let us tell you that the Mughal ruler Jahangir had also gone to this place where he had hunted the wolf.


Aligarh Muslim University, established in 1875

Let us tell you that this city was rebuilt in the year 1524-25 during Ibrahim Lodhi. In the year 1753, after the occupation of this fort by the Muslim ruler, the name of this place was changed to Aligarh. Later the Aligarh Muslim University was established at this place in the year 1875. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan established the Muhammad Anglo-Oriental College in Aligarh and gave the pattern of study of this university according to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Later the name of this university was changed to Aligarh Muslim University in the year 1920.

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