Home Minister Amit Shah Said- People Of Opposition Are Rioting

Home Minister Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah addresses the public meeting in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Shah told the people that Congress, Mamta Didi, SP, BSP are all opposing CAA. They are saying that this will take away the civil rights of minorities. Hey, why do you lie so much? He said that I want to say here again today that CAA is not going to get the citizenship rights of a single Muslim, not even a minority of the country. CAA is not only a law to take citizenship but a bill to grant citizenship. Shah said that I want to tell the people of the country that these Opposition people are spreading confusion about CAA, inciting people, rioting. He said that we are not afraid to take steps for truth.

Home Minister Amit Shah

Shah told the people of Odisha that after the Lok Sabha elections, I had come here for the first time. I thank you on behalf of the BJP that you have supported our leader Modi Ji by winning 38 seats instead of 21% of the votes you had gained by winning eight seats. Shah said that I have come to assure you as a representative of Modi Ji. Has also said That we will not go in the backward direction. And especially that the Utkal State should become the best state.

Amit Shah said that for the first time on such a journey. The Congress party came down from the main opposition party for the first time. And our BJP worker today has become the voice of the people of Odisha. By sitting in the Assembly as the Leader of the Opposition. He said today I want to tell all the people of Odisha. That has the party president for five years. I have come to Odisha many times, and have roamed many cities here and met the workers. Never in Odisha did I feel isolated from Gujarat, I found my second home.

The Home Minister Amit Shah said that Modi Ji had brought a massive plan in his second term. Clean drinking water has to be delivered to every household in the country by tap by 2024. The most significant benefit of this scheme is that if it is going to be a state, then it is Odisha.