Shaheen Bagh Empty, Anti-CAA Strike In These Cities Also Ended

Shaheen Bagh Empty: The whole world, including India, is troubled by the coronavirus epidemic. Around two billion population of the world is currently in lockdown. Given the growing threat of Coronavirus, the lockdown has been implemented in almost all of India as well. Meanwhile, the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act in various parts of the country, including Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, which have been going on for months, are also being put to an end.

Shaheen Bagh Empty

The strike of women of Shaheen Bagh, which became the centre of discussion all over the world against CAA-NRC, also ended in the morning of 24 March. Despite all the efforts of the police and the government, when the women themselves did not finish the picket, a massive security force reached Shaheen Bagh on Tuesday morning and removed the tent. In this way, this dharna, which has been going on since 15 December, ended at the moment. The good thing is that the police succeeded in peacefully stopping this dharna.

Along with Shaheen Bagh, the Delhi Police also put an end to the dharnas going on in other parts of the capital. Road outside Jamia University also evacuated. Apart from this, the police also destroyed the picket of Jafrabad, Turkman Gate and Hauzrani. In this way, these long-running anti-CAA dharnas put to an end amid the alerts of Coronavirus epidemic.

‘Shaheen Bagh’ Outside Delhi Also Ends

Apart from the ending of Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh, protests on the same lines in the rest of the country have also ended. From the Deoband in UP to the dharna sites of Aligarh and Prayagraj have been evacuated. Protests on the lines of Shaheen Bagh in Mumbai and Lucknow have ended. PAC camp has set up at Clock tower in Lucknow.

These Anti-CAA Protests Are Currently Over

  1. Shaheen Bagh (Delhi)
  2. Jamia (Delhi)
  3. Zafrabad (Delhi)
  4. Turkman Gate (Delhi)
  5. Hauzrani (Delhi)
  6. Mumbai
  7. Lucknow
  8. Prayagraj
  9. Gone
  10. Motihari
  11. Aligarh
  12. Deoband

Apart from Delhi, after the police appeals in all other places, the women themselves have ended the picket. However, she has also said that she is doing this due to the Coronavirus, her fight against the CAA will continue, and once the threat of corona is averted, she will pursue her dispute again.

Jamiat Ulema-e Hind Appealed

Maulana Asad Madani, national president of Jamiat Ulema-e Hind Deoband, had called for an end to anti-CAA sit-down demonstrations due to the Coronavirus. He had said that at present, a deadly disease like Coronavirus is spreading inside the country and those who are protesting against CAA-NPR should postpone their protests for the time being. When the conditions of the country are beautiful, then they should perform again. Shaheen Bagh Empty.

The dharnas of many places have ended on the appeal of Jamiat. While protesters still being celebrated in some cities. Where people are stubborn, law action also taken against them.

Case Filed in Moradabad

Thousands of people seen on Sunday 22 March in protest demonstrations against CAA at Idgah ground in Moradabad despite Janta curfew. Slogans also raised during this time. After this, the police took a case and filed a lawsuit against 162, including 12 organizers.

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