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Antilia Case: Meena George Mystery Girl Of Sachin Waje


With Mystery Girl’s identification, an associate of the Antilia case accused, Sachin Waje, many secrets related to Waje have started coming out. The NIA has been questioning the mystery girl, Meena George, of the Antilia case, for the last three days. Meena George is the same woman who was seen at Trident Hotel in Mumbai. During interrogation, it is revealed that Sachin Waje and Meena George have a joint account and locker.

Meena George Mystery Girl Of Sachin Waje

The joint account and locker of the two have been detected in the Andheri-Versova branch of DCB Bank in Mumbai. After the arrest of Sachin Waje, about 26 lakh rupees were withdrawn from the account. Now only 5 thousand rupees are left. Lockers were also opened after Waje’s arrest, in which only a few documents remain. The NIA wants to get to the bottom of who and why to withdraw money from Waje and Meena’s joint account. What has been taken out of the locker of both?

‘Mystery Girl’ used to roam around with a note counting machine, and the mystery
of Meena George is too big in this matter. According to NIA sources, Meena used to roam around with the counting machine and meet the waja at Trident Hotel. Meena used to take care of Sachin Waje’s money.


According to the NIA, Sachin Waje and Meena George have a very close relationship. Meena used to handle Sachin Waje’s money. The NIA suspects that Meena George used to settle the money recovered from bars, pubs and restaurants in Mumbai. In the interrogation of Meena, Waje and Raj can come out. For the time being, Sachin Waje has been sent to NIA remand till 7 April.

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