Antilia Case: NIA Seizes Another Mercedes of Sachin Vaze

Antilia Case: NIA Seizes Another Mercedes of Vaze

Antilia Case: The investigation of the NIA is increasing as far as Sachin Vaze is concerned. Big revelations are happening one after the other. The most recent case is about Vaje’s car. The NIA has seized another car of Vaze.

NIA Seizes Another Mercedes of Sachin Vaze

With the seizure of this car, the NIA has seized eight luxury cars so far. It is being told that Sachin Vaze close female friend, was using this car.

Let me tell you, this car belongs to the same female friend whom NIA caught from Mumbai Airport. This Radar of Sachin was absconding since the arrest of Vaze.

The NI’s team has been questioned by Vaze Rajdar. The NIA interrogated Vaze female friend for about 10 hours and tried to instill every secret in which Vaze was involved. It is also reported that she may be the same woman who was seen on February 16 at the Five Star Hotel with Sachin Vaze.

The clutches attached to the clavicle are getting exposed layer by layer. Constant questioning is being done to all Rajdars who worked together with Vaje to execute the Antilia case and Mansukh’s murder. One of them is API Riyaz Qazi.

Riyaz Qazi is believed to be an essential ally of Sachin Vaze in executing the Antilia case. The NIA questioned him for about 8 hours yesterday, but Republic India ran away after hearing the question.

Let me tell you. Many secrets are expected to be revealed in the interrogation of Qazi and Vaze female colleague. Here, Sachin Vaze NIA custody is ending today. Sachin will be presented in court today.

Conspiracy house

  1. First car – Scorpio
  2. Second Car – Innova
  3. Third car – Mercedes
  4. Fourth car – blue Mercedes
  5. Fifth car – Land Cruiser Prado
  6. Sixth Car – Black Volvo
  7. Seventh Car – Outlander
  8. Eighth car – white Mercedes