Sachin Waje Told, Why Did The Scorpio Filled With Explosives Stand?

Antilia Case Sachin Waje News

Sources In The Antilia Case Are Quoted As Saying That Sachin Waje Is The Mastermind Of Possessing A Vehicle Full Of Explosives. Sources Claim: In The NIA Interrogation, Waje Has Admitted That He Had Parked A Scorpio Car Full Of Explosives Outside Of Antilia.

According To NIA Officials, The Entire Planning Was Done By Sachin Waje. Sources Claim That Sachin Waje did this For Appearing In LimeLight. According To Reports, The NIA Is Not Confident Of The Story Told By Sachin, Which Is Why The Agency Is Busy Investigating The Matter Closely. Currently, Sachin Is In The Custody Of The NIA.

According To The NIA, During Direct Interrogation Of Waje, His Direct Involvement In Planting Explosives Was Revealed. The Agency Said That The Angle Of Conspiracy Also Needed To Be Thoroughly Investigated And To Establish The Co-Conspirators’ Identity.

Sachin Waje Was Not The First PPE Kit

According To NIA Sources, Sachin Waje Did Not Wear a PPE Kit That Day. An Examination Of The CCTV Video Revealed That What Was Previously Thought To Be A PPE Kit Was A Kurta Pajama. After This, Waje Had Covered His Head With A Big Handkerchief. So That No One Could Get Any Idea After Watching CCTV.

Waje Was Destroying Evidence In The Name Of Investigation, It Was Revealed In The

Investigation That Sachin Waje Was Destroying Evidence In The Name Of Investigation. Data Has Been Deleted From The Recovered Laptop Of Waje, While Waje Claims That His Mobile Has Fallen Somewhere.

Cash Recovered From Mercedes

Apart From This, 5 Lakh Cash Has Also Been Recovered From Waje’s Mercedes. Also, A Notch Counting Machine, Scorpio’s Number Plate, The Clothes That Sachin Waje Was Wearing On 24 February. At The Same Time, Another Revelation Has Also Been Revealed About Mercedes Recovered From The Vehicle.

The Mercedes Car Is Registered In The Name Of Manisha Bhavsar. However, Manisha’s Family Claims That The Car Has Been Sold Online Long Back. According To The NIA, Mansukh Hiren Returned To Thane From CST In This Mercedes. The Mercedes Was Seized From The Mumbai Police Crime Branch Headquarters And Was Being Used By Sachin Veg.