Arunachal Pradesh Coronavirus Free, Now Focus on States

CoronaVirus Free: The world’s most significant battle against the coronavirus fought in India. Now good results of this fight are also coming out. For the first time in the country, a state has managed to become CoronaVirus Free. This state is Arunachal Pradesh. Here, only one patient came to the coronavirus, who is now completely healthy.

Now the government is eyeing states like Meghalaya, Puducherry, Goa Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram and Nagaland with relatively fewer corona patients. Meanwhile, good news came from Mumbai too. Even though the number of patients in Mayanagari has crossed in 2000. For the first time, the number of new patients of Coronavirus has come down. Know the condition of the entire country

Corona Infected With 988 New Cases

On Thursday, the total number of infected reached 13,407 with 988 new cases. However, there is a slight drop in the name of new evidence. On Monday, the number of new cases had crossed in 1200. The highest number of cases reported in a single day.

Arunachal Pradesh Coronavirus Free

There was also good news that the number of people who got relief from this disease in one day also increased significantly. After the recovery of 221 more people, the number of people who have been free from Coronavirus infection has reached 1,594. The reduction in new cases and the rising figures of people recovering compared to the supreme is a relief. However, the situation remains serious in some areas.

On Thursday, the number of Coronavirus infected reached 3,202 with 286 new patients in Maharashtra. In Mumbai alone, more than 2,000 people have infected. The total number of affected in Mumbai has gone to 2,043 with 107 new cases.

Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are the states where the number of Coronavirus infected have exceeded 1,000. In Madhya Pradesh, the number of infected has increased to 1,255 with 271 new cases.

In Gujarat too, the number of Coronavirus infected has reached 929 with 163 new cases. The total cases of infection in Bengal increased by 24 to 237.

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