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Aryan Khan Came Out Of Jail, Sat on the Back Seat of Range Rover Car


Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has finally come out of jail. Aryan Khan, who was in jail in the cruise drugs case, has left Arthur Road. Shahrukh’s bodyguard Ravi had arrived to pick up Aryan. Aryan has now reached his home Mannat. Aryan Khan’s fans have been on their way outside Mannat. Aryan’s family is pleased to have him back home.

Aryan Khan reaches home

Aryan Khan has finally reached his home Mannat. Shahrukh Khan’s bodyguard Ravi has arrived home with Aryan.

Achit Kumar gets bail


The Special NDPS of Mumbai has granted bail to a person named Achit Kumar. Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant told Achit’s name.

Celebs expressed happiness

Aryan Khan’s homecoming has made Bollywood’s heart happy. Bollywood celebs are expressing their happiness by tweeting. Urmila Matondkar has congratulated Shahrukh by tweeting.


Aryan Khan released

Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has been released from Arthur Road Jail after 28 days. Aryan, sitting in his father Shahrukh Khan’s car, has left for Mannat.

Shahrukh’s bodyguard came to the jail gate.

Shahrukh Khan’s bodyguard has reached the jail gate to pick up Ravi Aryan.

Shah Rukh Khan Bodyguard Reached Jail


Aryan’s release process is completed.

In a conversation with Spot News 18, the jail officials told that the process of Aryan’s release is over. The method of release of Aryan Khan as well as others is over. The paperwork has been completed.

Such an atmosphere is outside the vow.

Fans have started gathering outside Aryan Khan’s house Mannat. Everyone is waiting to welcome Aryan. Meanwhile, Baba has also reached outside the vow, who is reciting Hanuman Chalisa for Aryan.

Aryan’s release process begins.

Arthur Road Jail officials have spoken to Spot News 18. He has told that he has got Aryan’s bail order. The process to release Aryan is going on. Aryan Khan has been informed about this. He is pleased and is talking to one of the jail mates. Jail officials say that they have got more bail orders. All will work together, and everyone will be released together. According to officials, Aryan can be released between 10.30 am, and 11 am.


Cars left to pick up Aryan.

A convoy of vehicles has left Shahrukh’s house to pick up Aryan from Arthur Road Jail. Three SUVs have left from Mannat at Shahrukh’s home.

Fans are looking for Aryan’s way.

Fans are also sitting on their eyelids on Aryan’s return home. Lovers everywhere are standing with banners in support of Aryan. Fans have wholeheartedly welcomed Aryan on his vowed return. They are waiting for Aryan to return with the banner of ‘Stay Strong Prince Aryan’.

Aryan did not get out of jail for this reason on Friday

At first, there was talk of releasing Aryan on Friday itself, but the bail order did not reach the authorities, due to which he had to spend one more night in jail. Now today, Shahrukh’s son Aryan is going to return home.


Aryan Khan Fans Support

Due to this, a release may take some time.

Aryan Khan will have to spend Friday night in Arthur Road Jail due to non-completion of the bail process. According to the higher officials of the jail, Aryan can come out of the prison between 9 am and 12 noon on Saturday. But this is possible only when the release order is received on time. Also, it depends on how many release orders are pending in the bail box of Arthur Road Jail. If there are more release orders than before, then it may take some time, and if there are fewer release orders, it will not take much time.

Shahrukh’s house was illuminated.

There is a festive atmosphere in Shahrukh Khan’s house on the release of his son. Preparations are being made to welcome Aryan. The whole house has been illuminated with lights since Friday. Photos of Mannat in Shahrukh’s place lit up with lights have also come to the fore.


Three accused, including Aryan, were granted bail by the Bombay High Court on Thursday. The court also issued a bail order on Friday afternoon, but Aryan could not come out of jail despite this. Aryan’s bail copy was to reach Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai by 5.30 pm, but he could not get it in the stipulated time.

Where is the issue stuck in the release?

Satish Manshinde, who was Aryan Khan’s lawyer in the whole case, left for the jail with a bail copy from the court. Shahrukh’s son spent one more night in jail due to not reaching the jail on time with the copy. Arthur Road Jail officials also confirmed that the copy of the bail order had not arrived. Aryan could have come out of jail only on Friday if the copy of the bail order had reached the jail on time.

Juhi Chawla becomes Aryan’s surety.

Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla has become a surety on behalf of Aryan Khan. He signed the papers related to Aryan’s bail in the court. The High Court has given Aryan conditional bail on a bond of one lakh rupees. Lawyer Satish Manshinde said that Juhi has known Aryan Khan since childhood and is also professionally connected. After this, the judge accepted him as a bailiff.

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