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Nawab Malik Claims – Aryan Khan Case is All About Kidnapping


Nawab Malik Aryan Khan Kidnapping: BJP leader Mohit Kamboj made serious allegations against the ministers of the Maharashtra government and NCP leaders by holding a press conference on 6 November. The next day, i.e. on 7 November, Nawab Malik, a minister in the Maharashtra government and NCP leader, responded to these allegations.

The comrades themselves made many serious allegations. Nawab Malik alleged that the entire case of Aryan Khan is a case of kidnapping and extortion, whose mastermind is Mohit Kamboj. Aryan Khan was kidnapped for ransom.

The deal was also done for 18 crores. But the whole game got spoiled due to one ‘selfie’. Nawab Malik also referred to Sameer Wankhede and said that Mohit Kamboj is the partner of NCB officer Wankhede in the extortion. Nawab Malik alleged,


Aryan Khan himself did not take out the ticket on the cruise. He went through Prateek Gaba and Aamir Furniturewala. This whole matter is about kidnapping and extortion.

This whole trap was laid through Mohit Kamboj’s brother-in-law, and Aryan Khan was taken there, and they plan to kidnap and demand a ransom of 25 crores started. The deal was done for 18 crores. Fifty lakhs were raised. But one selfie spoiled the whole game.

This is the truth. In the extortion case, this Mohit Kamboj is the partner of Wankhede. Both have a good relationship. On 6 October, I got PC, and on 7th, Wankhede and Kamboj met at the Oshiwara graveyard.


They are lucky that the police CCTV was switched off, we could not get his CCTV, and Wankhede Sahib went away in a panic that someone was following him. Otherwise, I would have produced evidence of their meeting.

Nawab Malik Further Said

The only game of Wankhede is that the drug trade continues. The drug mafia should be protected and extorted from them. The people of the film world should be intimidated, and thousands of crores should be extorted from them, this game Wankhede is playing.

What did Nawab Malik say on Sunil Patil?

The NCP leader said that he never met Sunil Patil, nor is he associated with NCP. They said,


Patil’s photo is with Home Minister Amit Shah. Manish Bhanushali’s photo is with the Prime Minister. We are not blaming the pictures. But Sunil Patil is also a fraud and a player of Wankhede’s private army.

Nawab Malik made a tweet in which he claimed that the actual name of Sam D’Souza is Sanville Stanley D’Souza. Nawab Malik also tweeted the audio clip of the phone conversation between Sanville Stanley D’Souza and the NCB officer.

It is claimed that D’Souza is talking about handover and has also named two journalists. Malik has called these journalists Rajkumar Bajaj and Advocate Pradeep Nambiar. Malik says that both of them are fraud journalists and players of the private army of Wankhede.


He alleged,

It also extorts all the drug peddlers from the Wankhede army. I am not trying to defame any journalist, but Wankhede has turned this city into a paatal lok. I am not fighting NCB or BJP; I am fighting against the wrong people.

I am fighting that thousands of crores in this city are being recovered in the name of drugs, innocent people are being implicated, and drug peddlers are doing business indiscriminately.


I want to tell the DG of NCB that you had given a statement on the 3rd that the operation took place in the sea for the first time in India. You have been misled. 13 people have been identified.

Aryan Khan kidnapping happened. A ransom was demanded. I also want to tell BJP that I am not fighting any political battle. I like the drug trade to stop. Big fish should be caught.

What did NCB say on the allegations?

On Nawab Malik’s allegations, NCB officials say that Malik can not go to court? Wankhede was not in touch with Sam D’Souza, and neither was D’Souza, our informer.


Mohit Kamboj also retaliated.

Nawab Malik accuses Mohit Kamboj. Kamboj claimed that Malik has assets worth Rs 3,000 crore. He has land in Kurla and several projects in Juhu. Mohit Kamboj said that Nawab Malik is scared and also said that Shahrukh Khan and Pooja Dadlani should not be afraid and should come forward and speak their mind.

Mohit Kamboj said that he accepted the allegations that I had made about the conversation between Nawab Malik and Sunil Patil. Nawab Malik did not tell the whole thing, but both used to meet, and these relations are not of today but for years old. Mohit Kamboj said that when I made allegations against Patil and him, he (Malik) suddenly stood up and accused me.

Sunil Patil replied

On the other hand, Sunil Patil, whom the BJP is constantly accusing of being the mastermind, has given his side. Talking to Spot News 18, it was told that the tip of the cruise party was given by Neeraj Yadav, close to BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya.


And he doesn’t know Kiran Gosavi; he never even met her. Sunil Patil also made serious allegations against Manish Bhanushali, a BJP worker and a witness in the drugs case. Said Bhanushali forcibly detained him. According to him, Bhanushali had also assaulted him in a hotel in Delhi.

Defamation case filed against Malik

Malik is constantly targeting NCB, Sameer Wankhede and his family. Now Sameer Wankhede’s father, Dhyandev Wankhede, filed a defamation case of Rs 1.25 crore against him while moving to the Bombay High Court. The matter will be heard on Monday.

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