Now Atiq Ahmed Came on the Radar of the Yogi Government?

Cases on Atiq Ahmad News

The Yogi government’s action on gangsters continues in Uttar Pradesh; on the one hand, after waiting for years, Mukhtar Ansari was imprisoned in Yogi’s prison and on the other hand, Atiq Ahmed was also under control. The cases which were lying for years are being taken fast in action.

Cases on Atiq Ahmed

  • Deoria jail case
  • Surjeet double murder
  • BSP MLA Rajupal assassination witness threatened
  • Chargesheet has been filed in other cases, including gangster

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath made it clear that as soon as the government came in, it was clear that either the criminals leave Uttar Pradesh or their consequences will be wrong.

CM Yogi is leaving no stone unturned to make his warning come true. Before this, Yogi’s bulldozer has run on the black empire of Atiq in many cities in Uttar Pradesh. In Allahabad, Atiq and his henchmen’s plush palace found the Yogi’s police mired in minutes within minutes.

  • Atiq Ahmed 163 cases are registered.
  • Assassination attempt
  • Murder plot
  • Cheating
  • Property grab
  • Includes cases of extortion.

In Uttar Pradesh, now the hunter of law is taking the musclemen’s news at full speed. Due to zero tolerance of the Yogi government on crime, many of the dons who once considered themselves to be governed are now helpless. Simultaneously, the address of Mukhtar Ansari, who is enjoying VVIP treatment in the jail of Punjab, has changed. The mafia don’s new address is Banda Jail of UP, where he was brought this morning.

The UP Police team had left for Ropar UP at 2.6 pm yesterday with Mukhtar Ansari. The convoy, which left at 6.6 pm given security, was not stopped somewhere in the middle. The convoy was running continuously along with the Republic India team. At present, Mukhtar Ansari has reached Banda amidst tight security. Muktar will be quarantined till the corona test report arrives. After that, he will be shifted to Barrack 15.