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Black Box Of Gen Bipin Rawat Crashed Helicopter Recovered


Black Box Of Gen Bipin Rawat Helicopter: The black box of the Mi-17VH helicopter crashed in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, has been recovered. The real name of this most searched box after every air crash is Flight Recorder. In this, essential data from the conversation between the pilot and the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) to the time before the accident is recorded. With the help of this data, the real cause of the accident can be ascertained.

Black Box Of Gen Bipin Rawat Helicopter

On Wednesday, 8 December, India’s first Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), General Bipin Rawat, his wife Madhulika and 11 other army personnel died in an accident in Coonoor.

Search operation carried out within a radius of one kilometre

Military teams probing the accident had launched an intensive search operation within a radius of one kilometre to find the wreckage and equipment of the helicopter. During this, the black box of the helicopter was found. Its meeting is essential because its data is considered the most authentic in finding out the causes of any accident.


However, most experts estimate Wednesday’s accident occurred due to bad weather and low visibility in the hilly area. Significantly few people are relying on technical faults. But till now, no official result has come out. Given General Rawat’s military and strategic status, any conspiracy cannot be ruled out clearly. In such a situation, statements are being made on behalf of the government and the military administration on the reasons.

What is a black box?

Although it may be black with its name, this box is usually orange. It is a recording device made of steel and titanium. This records many types of signals, conversations, and technical data. There are two types of recorders in this. Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR).

The first recorder records many things like the altitude of the aircraft or helicopter, wind speed and fuel level every second. Its recording storage capacity is more than 24 hours. The second recorder, i.e. CVR, also records the conversation and other voices in the cockpit.


Why doesn’t the black box get destroyed?

Its upper shell is thick steel, titanium and high-temperature insulation. It is so strong that even in the most significant collision, it can remain safe in the ground, sky or even in the depths of the ocean. It can withstand temperatures of hundreds of degrees. It can survive for years without rot, even in saltwater.

The devices inside the box can send signals even from hundreds of feet deep in the ocean. It can send alerts in water for a month. It can be easily traced within a period of up to one month after the accident. This beacon is powered by a battery, which does not discharge for five years.

What’s next for the black box?

Flight technicians worldwide are looking for an alternative to the black box. Efforts are also being made that instead of a black box, all the recordings should be done in real-time directly on the ground station. Accidents can also be avoided in time with the help of an air-to-ground system.


The data analysis coming out of the black box takes a week to two weeks, whereas this work can be done sooner in the real-time recording. However, air forces and aviation companies worldwide are shying away because even the air-to-ground signal is not fool-proof. If there is a problem with the signal at the last moment, there will be a risk of losing big data.

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Abhay Singh
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