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Boat Capsize in Motihari, 22 People Drowned in the River


Boat Capsize in Motihari District: A major accident took place in Motihari, Bihar, on Sunday. Here 22 people drowned after the boat capsized in the Sikarhana river. According to sources, six bodies have been recovered. According to the Shikarganj police station president, so far, a girl’s body has been taken out from the river. Who has been identified as Chandni Kumari? As soon as the information about the boat capsizing, there was chaos in the village. After the knowledge of the incident, a huge crowd has gathered at the spot.

Boat Capsize in Motihari

According to the information, many officers are also present on the spot. The rescue team is busy evacuating the people. At the same time, local divers are also engaged in rescue operations. It is being told that the person driving the boat managed to get out by swimming. Extensive rescue operation is being conducted on the spot. The police force is also present at the site. Local people are also engaged in relief and rescue work.

Such accidents have happened before

Earlier, a major accident took place during idol immersion in Laxmi Bigha village of Parwalpur. Here seven girls (Drowned) were drowned in water. Out of this, two children were taken out safely by the villagers. According to the information, Beauty Kumari, Rinki Kumari, Simran Kumari, Anshu Kumari and Virmani Kumar all of the village had gone to the adjacent river to immerse the idol. Everyone was drowned by slipping here.


At the same time, three girls had died due to drowning in the river in Banka, Bihar. At the same time, two girls were saved by the villagers. All the girls had gone to bathe in the river. As soon as they entered the river, the girls started drowning due to the strong current. People on the shore immediately jumped into the river and saved the lives of two girls. At the same time, three other girls were washed away in the strong current of the river. Villagers and divers recovered the bodies of the three after a lot of effort.

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