Bomb at Salman Khan Home Mail: Mumbai Police Arrests A Minor

A minor claimed Bigg Boss 13 host and Bollywood star Salman Khan house to be a bomb and also sent a false mail to the Bandra police. After this news, there was a complete stir. According to media reports, after this mail, the police also searched Salman Khan Galaxy apartment in Mumbai for several hours. But after that, it was found that this mail was only confusing. After this, the police investigated that the mail was sent by a 16-year-old minor from Ghaziabad. After this, the police reached Ghaziabad to nab him, but he escaped. But after some time, the police arrested the accused.

Bomb at Salman Khan Home Mail

The information about the bomb in Salman Khan House in Mumbai was sent to the Bandra police via e-mail. In this mail, claimed that a bomb has been planted in Dabangg Khan’s house, which will explode in the next two hours if you can stop then stop it. This was nothing but fake information.

According to media reports, this mail was sent to the police on 4 December. As soon as there was an uproar in the entire department. Police informed Salman Khan and his family about this and then the whole team of police officers reached the actor’s house and investigated the house.

According to the information received by the media, the police said that after this mail, they searched the entire building and Salman Khan house. However, after 3-4 hours of damage, nothing was found from the house. After this, it became known to the police that someone had tricked them.

Then the police took out the information of the accused and then he reached Ghaziabad to nab him. But the accused escaped from there. But the police have caught him. Information about this case was also given to the family of the accused. The police also issued a notice to surrender against the accused.

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