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Gas Cylinder Can Now Be Booked So Far In Advance, IOC Decides

Gas Cylinder: A 21-day lockdown has done in the country to avert the threat of coronavirus. Since the announcement of the lockdown, there has been an atmosphere of panic among the people, and this is why the shops of essential goods are crowding. Although the government has made it clear that the necessary materials will not be a problem, people are not ready to accept the government.

Gas Cylinder Booking

Domestic Gas Cylinder’s bookings have also increased after the lockdown announcement. Government oil company Indian Oil Corporation also appealed to the people not to book gas tanks in panic. When the appeal of the company was also not seen, then the company has fixed minimum days for booking.

Booking On A Difference Of 15 Days Only

Indian Oil Corporation has decided that now booking will do after a gap of 15 days. Till now, there was no compulsion of days for booking. Not only this, but Chairman of the company Sanjeev Singh has also posted a video message appealing to the people that they should not panic, but there is also no shortage of LPG in the country.

He said that the supply of petroleum products throughout the country is as smooth as before, there will be no shortage of any kind. Regarding cooking Gas Cylinder, he also assured that the people would remain relaxed, and his supply will remain uninterrupted. Customers requested not to make panic bookings. These puts unnecessary pressure on the system.

All Essential Services Are On

Although the government has done a total lockdown of 21 days, there was no restriction on essential items. Despite this, people have bought fiercely in panic. Along with this, there is a rush of shops, due to which the risk of corona infection has increased. Due to this, many states have taken strict measures and have imposed a curfew to keep people in their homes.

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