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Captain Amarinder Singh Announced to Form a New Party


Captain Amarinder Singh New Party: The suspense over the political career of former Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh is over. He is soon forming his new party. Captain, who resigned from the post of CM about a month ago, has now formally announced his separation from Congress. Apart from this, he has also hinted at joining hands with the factions separated from BJP and Akali Dal.

Captain’s media advisor Raveen Thukral made three tweets quoting him on Tuesday, 19 October. Leader Harish Rawat, sent by Congress to handle the situation in Punjab, has said that only BJP will benefit from this move of Captain.

Captain Amarinder Singh Announced to Form a New Party

Captain Amarinder Singh had to give up the CM’s chair after his tumultuous relationship with Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu. Since then, speculations were being made about Amarinder’s political future. There were also discussions that he could join BJP. His meetings with Amit Shah were cited.


On Tuesday, the Captain informed about his next move through his media advisor Raveen Thukral. Raveen made three tweets on this matter; in the first tweet, Captain Amarinder Singh was quoted as saying,

“The fight for the future of Punjab continues. I will soon announce my political party which will work for the interests of Punjab, its people and farmers, who have been fighting for their existence for more than a year”.

In the second tweet, alluding to the alliance with BJP and the condition for it, it was said that,


“If a solution to the farmers’ agitation is found in the interest of the farmers, then there can be hope regarding the arrangement of seats for the Punjab Assembly elections in 2022. Along with this, the way of alliance can also be explored with like-minded parties like Dhindsa and Brahmpura factions which have split from the Akali Dal”.

In the third tweet by Raveen Thukral, Captain Amarinder Singh attacked Navjot Singh Sidhu. Wrote in the tweet,

“I will not rest until I secure the future of my people and my state. Punjab needs political stability as well as protection from internal and external threats. I promise my people that I will do whatever it takes to ensure the peace and security of this at stake.”


Let us tell you that Captain Amarinder Singh has often been calling Sidhu a threat to national security. Even when Captain resigned from the post of Chief Minister, he had said that Sidhu was a threat to the country. He is friends with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief Bajwa. In such a situation, this tweet of Captain is being considered as an attack on Sidhu.

Harish Rawat said – crow is food, by telling pheasant

After this announcement of Captain, Punjab Congress in-charge Harish Rawat had a particular conversation with Aaj Tak. He described Capt Amarinder Singh as a ‘disoriented person’. He also said that,

“The meaning of the Captain making a new party is that he has to eat a crow by telling him a pheasant. Whoever has to help BJP and Akali will take this step. Now his role will be that of ‘vote katwa’, which will help BJP. There must have been some compulsions; otherwise, why would anyone do this. What were the compulsions, only the Captain sahib knows better or the bosses of BJP know better”.


Harish Rawat also told a new thing about Amarinder Singh’s resignation. According to him, Amarinder Singh had resigned from the post of CM of his own free will. Rawat told Aaj Tak that

“The MLAs had said that they cannot walk with this man. The MLAs wanted to change the CM. Some MLAs had even said that if he remains the CM, then we have to think whether we should stay at the party or not. We are a democratic party. We called a meeting of the legislature party. But instead of facing the MLAs, the Captain went straight to the Governor’s House and submitted his resignation. If he had a problem with Navjot Singh Sidhu, why included him in the cabinet?”

Harish Rawat denied that Congress would suffer due to Amarinder Singh’s departure. He claimed that Captain Amarinder Singh would be at a disadvantage in going with the BJP because doing so would hit him and the farmers’ agitation.

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