CBSE Board 12th Exam Will Not Happen, All Students Will Be Promoted!

CBSE Board 12th Exam Cancel News

There is some relief for CBSE class 12th students and parents. The news is that the Supreme Court has said that the CBSE Board (Central Board of Secondary Education) should make a decision by Tuesday in the matter of holding or postponing the board examinations. Looks at this approach of the Supreme Court.

CBSE Board 12th Exam Cancel

The board can cancel the 12th class examination, and the result of the students can be decided based on internal assessment. The board may keep open the option of giving exams to students later. The examination is difficult to conduct due to the increasing case of coronavirus infection in the country. The parents have filed a petition in the Supreme Court for cancellation of the examination. The Supreme Court has also asked the CBSE to decide on the removal of the exam by Tuesday.

A total of 29 subjects of Class 12 of the CVSE Board are yet to test. Out of that, six subject exams will be for 10th class students in North East Delhi. Keep in mind that the 10th class examination will be held only in the northeastern areas of Delhi because students could not take the exam due to riots there. The 12th class exam will be for students from all over the country. By the way, in the rest of the country, there will be only 12 primary subjects in class 12. But in the northeastern regions of Delhi, in addition to those 12 main subjects. There will be 11 more main subjects.

The coronavirus epidemic has resulted in a nationwide lockdown. Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions are closed across the country due to the lockdown. Examinations across the country have also postponed. In all states, students from the first to the ninth class and the 11th class have promoted to the next rank without examination.