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China Can Do Cyber Attack On India From June 21 Read Here

Amid deadlock on the border, China is preparing for another wrong move against India. There is news that China can make cyber attacks on India. According to the information, this attack on India can start on June 21. In this cyber attack, a seizure can be made from an email- ncov2019.gov.in. The subject of this email may be the ‘Free COVID 19 Test’.

Cyber Attack Through Emails

Do not open mail or attachments from this email to avoid a Chinese cyber-attack. It is being told that the emails of 20 lakh people are on target. Personal and financial emails may get attacked. Let me tell you that there was a cyberattack in Australia too recently.

Intelligence agencies have given information about cyberattacks, after which three-four websites are also being monitored. According to the report, Chinese hackers have also started preparing for this cyber attack.

What To Say To A Cyber Expert?

Cyber expert Pawan Duggal has told Spot News 18 that this warning should not ignore at all. He said that if you get an unfamiliar message, that means that you click on a link, then you do not have to do it at all. If there is an email that you are not familiar with, and that says that an attachment has to download, do not do so. He noted that cybercrime had increased a lot in the Corona era anyway, so we should become aware of cybersecurity and make it a part of our lifestyle.

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