What is China’s ‘Five Fingers of Tibet Strategy’, So India Will Stay Alert

China Five Fingers of Tibet Strategy

Tibetan leaders in exile in India have warned India of China’s strategy, which has been calling the “Five Fingers of Tibet Strategy.” After all, what is this strategy, China has been trying to take steps or to implement which for the last 80 years? By the way, this strategy is hazardous, and it shows that the intentions of China have not been well with the five areas of India.

Five Fingers of Tibet Strategy

This was the 1940s. Mao had emerged as the supreme leader in China after the Red Revolution. He always talked openly about a particular strategy. He used to say honestly that we have to get that right hand, which has ever been ours. Mao had always believed that Tibet and its adjoining areas were once part of the more humongous Chinese empire, which we have to achieve in some way.

If we look at the period of China until now, we will find that from the 50s, China started asserting its authority over many areas of its neighbors and claimed it. Surprisingly, China has claimed a large area of ​​neighboring Mongolia, whereas historical facts suggest that Mongolia was Asia’s largest empire at one time. Whose part was also China, and part of which was also Tibet? Tibet was never a part of China.

Tibet Has The Right Palm and Considers Them Five Fingers.

Now we reveal to you the strategy of China, which has long called the Five Fingers of Tibet Strategy. According to Mao, Tibet was the right palm, which should have been part of China. Also, fingers attached to the right palm were considered – Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Ladakh.

If The Silence Of The Countries Overshadows The Occupation of Tibet

In 1959, China sent its forces and captured the right palm or Tibet. Then no country or international community in the world raised a voice against it. Nobody opposed him. India did protest but in a fragile way. Even the issue of the forced occupation of Tibet by a peace-loving nation did not arise in the United Nations.

If only China were prevented from occupying Tibet, then it would not have been able to grow even here and could not claim its claim on a vast land. Then India only did so much that it gave shelter to the Dalai Lama, the spiritual master, and ruler of Tibet. He reached India with his supporters on a large scale. Tibetans remain refugees here even after so many years.

The First Finger Means Sikkim

Now let’s talk about five fingers. Sikkim merged into India in 1975 with five fingers. However, China had expressed a lot of opposition at this time. But she could not walk. Since then, Sikkim has remained an integral part of India. But Chinese forces always try to infiltrate or maintain mobilization along the border.

The Second Finger is Arunachal Pradesh

Where China continually makes a mess, the second Finger is Arunachal Pradesh. When the Indo-China war took place in the year 1962, the Chinese troops had penetrated deep into this area. Now China occupies a large part of Arunachal. This area is also called NEFA. China considers it as its own. He claims that this is his area historically. However, there is no evidence of this.

Extent is that China tries to create instability on Arunachal Pradesh by living. Whenever an Indian leader goes there, he officially opposes it. The people of Arunachal have Indian passports, but China does not believe it either. Often he does not give visas to people going from Arunachal Pradesh to China. Chinese forces remain at places of strategic importance near Arunachal too.

The Third Finger is Nepal, Which Has Now Sat In The Chinese Dock

Nepal is the third Finger. At one time, Nepal used to claim that China is its worst enemy country, because of the way it has captured Tibet, it is very hurt by it. However, China has always claimed a large area of ​​Nepal. At that time, Nepal requested India to provide military help to avoid the fear of China.

India had been continuously helping Nepal in every way for the last 70 years. Still, now the communist government of Nepal has started sitting in China’s dock and declaring India as its enemy. However, Nepal has no idea that the biggest threat that China has been taking seriously on the strategy of FiveFingerr is now hovering over it.

The Fourth Finger is Bhutan’s

The fourth attempt to lure Bhutan. Bhutan is a peaceful and beautiful country at the eastern end of India. China has been claiming it for a long time. It comes in his five fingers strategy; that is, he has to capture Bhutan one day or the other.

A military treaty between Bhutan and India. India fully supports Bhutan under this treaty. Indian forces work for its protection. Although for a long time, China has been throwing lucrative foreign investment and help to this small country, Bhutan has never accepted it.

The Fifth Finger is Ladakh, Where There Is Always An Infiltration

The fifth Finger is Ladakh, which is the most-watched by China. Here he has been making frequent incursions in the last few years. He has also captured many of our areas. Once upon a time, the entire Aksai Chin was in India, which China has captured. Now he is sitting with the forces coming forward on that Galvan valley, which he did not have till today. Now he has openly claimed the Galvan Valley.

So you must have understood what this dangerous strategy of China is. For which China has always stepped up. Realizing this, India needs the reliable security of these sensitive areas.