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IR Transports Chocolates and Noodles in AC Coaches From Goa to Delhi


For the first time in the history of Indian Railways, chocolates were transported in AC coaches. This incident belongs to the coastal state of Goa. South Western Railway came up with a unique method for a safe and timely supply of chocolates when chocolates were transported in passenger coach, too, in an AC bogie.

Chocolates and Noodles in AC Coaches

For the first time in the country, the Hubli Division of South Western Railway has done this work. Some AC coaches were lying vacant in this railway division, which was used to carry chocolates and other food items. The temperature level must be controlled to transport chocolates and other goods, so these goods were transported in AC coaches.

Goods reached Okhla from Goa.

This freight has been transported from Vasco-da-Gama station in Goa to Okhla in Delhi. On October 8, this goods train left Goa, in which chocolates and noodles were loaded in the AC compartment. Luggage was transported in 18 AC coaches of the entire Train. The goods belonged to AVG Logistics. The Train covered a distance of 2115 km from Goa to Okhla, Delhi. Railways have earned Rs 12.83 lakh from this transportation.


Transportation in less time and less money

The business development unit (BDU) of Hubli is the brain behind this particular business of railways. BDU tied up with AVG Logistics to transport chocolates and took the responsibility of transporting the goods to Delhi. After the transportation of goods in this new way, the railway has got a new route.

Till now goods were transported from Hubli division by road only, on which traders had to spend a lot. There was a particular headache for the security of the goods. Goods used to move from AC trucks, which used to take several days. But the railways did this work in just 24 hours because it already has resources like AC coaches.

Increasing revenue of railways

This successful effort of BDU has been highly praised by the Divisional Manager of Hubli, Arvind Malkhede. Malahide said railways are always ready to serve the people, where massive transportation works are easily accomplished at high speed, without any difficulty and at low cost. Traders’ unions have also appreciated this move of the Railways.


After October 2020, the parcel is earning Rs 1 crore every month in the Hubli division. In September 2021, this division has earned 1.58 crores from parcel transportation. In this financial year, the total figure of earnings of Hubli Division has crossed 11.17 crores.

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