Congress Said – Lockdown Happened Without Plan Like Demonetisation

Congress Lockdown News

Congress has targeted the central government on the Corona lockdown. The Congress has said on the lockdown that the loss is not just monetary by taking decisions without thinking and without planning.

Taking a dig at the central government, the Congress said that India had suffered a lot due to the lockdown like demonetisation. Congress has said that more than 14 crore people have lost their jobs. Lakhs of jobs expected in the coming weeks, does the BJP government have a plan to help them?

Congress Targeted Modi Government

Earlier, Congress leader Kapil Sibal targeted the Narendra Modi government by holding a press conference on Saturday. Also gave suggestions. Kapil Sibal said that after getting free from corona infection, the challenge is to create a new India. He said, “I will request the Prime Minister that whatever is the talk of tomorrow, the discussion of CAA, NRC. Leave tomorrow’s talk.yesterday’s old. Now there is a new phase. COVID one after 19 A new period has started. The Prime Minister should consider those things where the Opposition, the ruling party and everyone together work on advancing the country. ”

The former law minister demanded from the central government that a national plan is prepared under the Disaster Management Act to deal with the coronavirus infection. He said that the time has come that the government should consider the lockdown. The government cannot keep people in lockdown and economy in a lockout.

When Will The National Plan Be Made On Corona

Kapil Sibal from congress said that Section 11 of the Disaster Management Act 2005 states that a plan will make for disaster management of the entire country. If COVID-19 has arrived, an arrangement will form at the national level for it. What is that national plan? From 24 March to the fourth week of April today, there is no national plan even today.

Why People Don’t Benefit From Crude Oil

The Congress leader said that the price of crude oil has come down to $ 20 per barrel, but there is no use for the common man. Why is the central government not giving the benefit of lower prices in crude oil to the public? He said that the fiscal deficit is going to increase. Who will fix it From where the money will come, the government has no source of income. States are not getting any share in GST. He said that nobody is talking about these challenges of the country.