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Accused Nupur Satija on Bail, Court Said – NCB Recovered Drugs Illegally


Accused Nupur Satija on Bail: In the cruise drug case, the special court of NDPS granted bail to another accused, Nupur Satija. The court termed the seizure of drugs allegedly by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) near Nupur as illegal.

The court said a woman witness had searched the accused; at that time, no other female officer was present. Apart from this, the authorized person did not do any Panchnama. In such a situation, it is a violation of a provision of the NDPS Act.

Accused Nupur Satija on Bail

The special court termed it a violation of section 42 of the NDPS. Section 42 of the NDPS deals with entry, search, seizure and arrest without warrant. Special Judge VV Patil granted bail to the co-accused Nupur Satija in the Aryan Khan drugs case, considering the search and seizure violation of the NDPS Act.


The court granted bail to Satija and eight other accused. The judge, in his order, said that as far as Satija is concerned, she is entitled to bail on the ground of illegal seizure and violation of the provisions of section 42 of the NDPS.

NCB had arrested

NCB had arrested Satija and Gomit. NCB alleged that both were caught with banned material. The NCB had allegedly seized 4 Ecstasy tablets of 1.59 grams each from Satija’s room and 4 MDMA pills, 3 grams of cocaine and Rs 93000 in cash allegedly from Gomit. Advocate Ayaz Khan, appearing for Satija, had told the court that on the instructions of the investigating officer, the woman panch witness had searched the room. The woman is not authorized for search and seizure.

He also told the court that a male officer arrested Satija and the Panchnama states that the process started after sunset and before sunrise. This is against the provisions of the Act.


On October 2, the cruise was raided by NCB.

NCB raided the cruise in Mumbai on October 2. During this, NCB arrested eight accused, including Aryan Khan. Later based on investigation, NCB arrested 12 more accused. A total of 20 accused were arrested in this case. Out of these, most of the accused, including Aryan Khan, has got bail.

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