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Coronavirus Patients Reach 84 in India, 10 Have Been Treated, 2 Died


The number of coronavirus patients in the country has risen to 84, although in this figure, ten people have treated and discharged; the value also includes two people who died due to coronavirus. A woman died in Delhi on Saturday due to the coronavirus, before a man killed in Karnataka on Thursday. Till Saturday morning, the total number of coronavirus cases in the country was 83, but with another increase in Uttar Pradesh, the name has now reached 84.

Corona Patients

Of the 84 coronavirus cases in the country so far, ten have been adequately treated and discharged. Five in Uttar Pradesh, 3 in Kerala, and 1-1 in Delhi and Rajasthan have released from the hospital. However, two people have also died, including one in Delhi and one in Karnataka.

Total Cases Of Coronavirus In India

State / Union TerritoryCorona affected IndianCorona Affected Exoticdischarge from hospitalThe death
Uttar Pradesh11150
Tamil Nadu1000
Jammu and Kashmir2000
Andra Pradesh1000
The total671700



Meanwhile, state governments have started taking steps at their level to stop the spread of coronavirus, and most of the states in the country have decided to close school-colleges and other educational institutions on 31 March. In some states, cinema houses, gyms, pubs, etc. have also been closed. Most of the states have banned public programs. Karnataka has also stopped wedding ceremonies for some time. The state and central governments have campaigned to make the open aware.

The total number of cases of Coronavirus Patients has crossed 1.48 lakh worldwide, out of which more than 5500 people have died. In China, more than 80 thousand lawsuits have reported, and the maximum number of 3189 people has also died there. However, more than 65 thousand people have cured. After China, Italy has suffered the most deaths due to coronavirus. There have been 17660 cases so far in Italy, out of which 1260 people have lost their lives. The third number is Iran, where 12729 cases have reported, and 611 people have died.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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