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Modi Government Again Increases Lockdown, Read These 5 Big News

Modi Government is continually increasing the lockdown to deal with the Coronavirus. Now the lockdown has been extended for the third time, which will remain in force till May 17. Although the government has given a concession to some things, read the five big news of Friday evening.

Lockdown Increase

The crisis of Coronavirus in the country is continuously increasing. Lockdown is in force in the country to prevent infection of the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the lockdown in the country has been extended for two weeks to deal with the Corona crisis. Now the lockdown will continue till May 17 in the country. This information gives through the Ministry of Home Affairs. The lockdown 2.0 scheduled to end on May 3. However, before this, it has been decided to extend the nationwide lockdown for two weeks through the Modi government. Now this lockdown 3.0 will apply from May 4 to May 17. During this period, the Ministry of Home Affairs has also issued an advisory for ongoing activities.

Shramik Special Train in Lockdown

Lockdown is in force in the country to deal with the Coronavirus. At the same time, the Modi government has now allowed trains to run to those trapped in lockdown to reach their home state. With this, the Railway Ministry has announced to run ‘Shramik Special Train’. According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Railway Ministry said that it decided to run ‘Shramik Special Train’ from May 1 Labor Day to take migrant labourers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other persons to different places. Is. During this time six special labour trains will run. Workers’ special trains will run from Lingampalli to Hatia, Aluva to Bhubaneswar, Nashik to Bhopal, Jaipur to Patna, Nashik to Lucknow and Kota to Hatia.

Aam Aadmi Party MLA Special Ravi

In Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party MLA Special Ravi Corona has found to be virus-positive. The brother of MLA Special Ravi has also found to be Corona positive. Ravi is an MLA from Karol Bagh. Tracing of all those who came in contact with the MLA do. Corona test will also do for the people associated with special Ravi, as well as the corona test of the family can also be done. The close contacts will isolate. Cases of coronavirus infection are continuously increasing in Delhi. The number of coronavirus infections in Delhi has risen to 3,515. The number of patients cured by Coronavirus has reached 1,094. So far, a total of 59 people have lost their lives with the Coronavirus. Lockdown.

Kamal Nath Said These

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that he could not save his government in the state. Because senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh had given him a false belief that individual MLAs of the party would leave and leave nowhere, else Kamal Nath claimed on Friday that despite having full knowledge of the tricks of the BJP-Scindia alliance, he could not save his government in March this year as he was in a false faith. Kamal Nath said in a particular conversation with Aaj Tak at his residence in Bhopal that this not done intentionally. Still, perhaps it was due to lack of proper understanding of the situation.

Health Ministry Said These

Health Ministry’s Joint Secretary Love Agarwal said on Friday that in the last 24 hours there had been 1993 new case reports of Coronavirus in India. With this, our total number of confirmed positive cases has increased to 35043. Of these, 25007 active cases currently treated in various hospitals. He further told that in the last 24 hours, see 564 people have cured. So that the total number of cured patients has increased to 8889, in this way, we understand that our recovery rate has increased to 25.37 per cent now. So far, 1147 people have died in the country from Corona. In the last 24 hours, 72 people have killed from Corona.

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