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ICMR Gave Answer To Udit Raj About The Price Of Coronavirus Testing Kit

Amid the corona epidemic, while there is churn on whether to open a lockdown or not. There are new questions about Coronavirus Testing Kit. The case of rapid antibody testing kits results is not coming right; issues also raised about the cost of packages. Some people are also sharing wrong information on social media.

Based on a similar social media post related to the cost of Coronavirus Testing Kit, Congress leader, and former MP Udit Raj has questioned the ICMR. ICMR has responded to this question of Udit Raj and has declared any such information wrong.

Coronavirus Testing Kit

The post on which Udit Raj questioned ICMR claimed that some companies were willing to give the Coronavirus Testing Kit at a lower price, but the contract awarded to a Gujarati company, which cost many times more. Coronavirus Testing Kitare paying.

ICMR has rejected this information. ICMR responded to Udit Raj on Twitter, writing, ‘This is fake news. According to the price that ICMR has fixed, the amount of RT-PCR test is between 740-1150, and the cost of a rapid test is 528-795. No test do for 4500 rupees.

With this, ICMR said that if any Indian company wants to supply at low prices, then they are welcome. Explain that the accuracy of the result of rapid antibody testing was questioned by the Rajasthan government, after which the ICMR has stopped this testing. Apart from Rajasthan, the West Bengal government had claimed that inferior testing kits sent to them. Amidst this whole controversy, the cost of the Coronavirus Testing Kit is also hot.

Delhi High Court Ordered

On Monday, the Delhi High Court said in an order that the corona test kit should not sell at a rate of more than Rs 400. The court said that to control the coronavirus, a test is critical. In which case it is equally important to sell the Coronavirus Testing Kit at the lowest rate.

At the same time, political rhetoric has also started at the cost of the kit. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has said that the country will not forgive for profiteering on testing kits.

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