Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Made in India Price Will Be Only Rs 1000

Coronavirus Vaccine India India

Adar Poonawala, CEO of Serum Institute, Pune, who is engaged in preparing Coronavirus vaccine in India, has said that if the trial is successful, then this vaccine can come by September or October this year and can be available for Rs 1000.

Poonawala gave this information in an exclusive interview given to our associate publication Business Today. Poonawala said that he would take the risk and try to produce it before the advance testing of the Coronavirus vaccine and if it is ready, then it will cost Rs 1,000 per vaccine.

He said that its production could start from the end of next month and if the test is successful. Then it will be made available in the market by September-October.

What Did The CEO Say On Coronavirus Vaccine

He said that clinical trials of vaccines had announced in the UK, but we have taken the initiative of production. If the test is successful, we will prepare the first batch of vaccine by September or October this year. We have decided to start production in advance so that after the trial is successful. Then We can make it available immediately. We will also do a human test in May.

He said, ‘Our centres are ready to make Coronavirus vaccine. And we have put them entirely in the work of making vaccines. We have invested 500-600 crores in our factory in Pune. Apart from this, in the next 2-3 years, we will set up a new factory to make COVID-19 vaccine ultimately.

When and How Much Will Be Produced

On the question of when will the production of this Coronavirus vaccine begin, Poonawalla said, “Our current units will start production in the next three weeks.” We will make 40 to 50 lakh doses every month. After this, production will increase to 1 crore every month. By September-October, production can reach four crores every month. Later we will export it to other countries also.

Pune’s Company

Poonawala established this institute in 1966. It is the world’s largest vaccine-making company that produces 1.5 billion doses every year. And this company has vaccinated 65 per cent of the world’s children. Significantly, apart from serum, Kodagenics is also engaged in making the vaccine for Coronavirus. The Oxford University of UK and US biotech company.

Significantly, in India and the world, Corona’s havoc is not taking the name of the end, it is essential to bring its vaccine. The number of Coronavirus patients in the country has reached close to 30 thousand. According to Health Department data, 1674 new cases have reported in the last 24 hours. Now the total number of patients in the country is 29 thousand 974. A total of 937 have died so far. At the same time, more than 7 thousand patients have successfully treated. The pace of corona infection is fast in Maharashtra and Gujarat.