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Cyclone Gulab Alert in West Bengal, Heavy Rain or Strong Wind for 2 days


Cyclone Gulab Alert in West Bengal: Once again, there is a threat of a cyclonic storm in West Bengal. The ‘Gulaab’ storm is rising from the Bay of Bengal. It can soon cause havoc in many states by taking the form of a cyclonic storm. In West Bengal, six months ago, Yas Cyclone caused a lot of devastation.

Once again, Bengal can face the havoc of a cyclonic storm. The ‘Gulaab’ Storm is currently under deep pressure. But by Sunday evening, the danger of hitting the Odisha coast is being expressed.

Cyclone Gulab Alert in West Bengal

Given the threat of ‘Gulab’, a high alert has already been issued in seven districts of Odisha. Due to this storm, heavy rain is being feared in Bengal. Given the threat of heavy rain in Bengal, the holidays of all government employees have been cancelled till October 5. In such times of disaster, more and more workers are required to work so that the situation can be brought under control.


‘Gulaab’ is ready to wreak havoc in Bengal.

According to the Meteorological Department, ‘Gulaab’ can turn into a cyclone in North Bengal. The Meteorological Department has also expressed the danger of it hitting the coast of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. It is being said that the highest impact of the ‘Gulaab’ storm can be seen between Gopalpur in Odisha to Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. Due to this, heavy rain is also being feared in Bengal.

The government has completed preparations to deal with the threat of Gulab Storm. Today, a meeting of the National Disaster Management Committee was held under Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba on this issue. In the forum, the preparations of the central and state government to deal with the storm were reviewed. To prevent the storm, 18 teams of NDRF have been deployed in all the affected states. Different groups have also been put on alert. Army and Navy have also been kept fully prepared.

Another cyclonic storm knocked after Yas.

The ‘Gulaab’ storm is rushing from the Bay of Bengal towards the northwest. Six months ago, the Yas storm also caused a lot of destruction in Bengal. Now the government’s concern has increased again due to the knock of roses. Pakistan has named this storm ‘Gulaab’. Along with Bengal, more impact of this storm can be seen in Odisha. Given this, preparations have already been completed. Due to this storm, heavy rains along with strong winds are being feared.

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