Delhi CAA Protest Open Firing In Jamia Nagar, One Injured In Firing

Delhi CAA Protest in Jamia

During the Delhi CAA Protest, there was a ruckus in the capital Delhi on Thursday. Before the students started their march, a person opened fire, during which one person was also injured. During the protest, Delhi Police stood and a person came and opened fire, although now the attacker has been arrested.

The eyewitness told the whole story about this firing in Jamia Nagar area. According to the eyewitness, ‘. We were going to march on Rajghat. But stayed here. Delhi Police did not give permission so we went to talk ‘.

Delhi CAA Protest

The eyewitness told, “… a man came out of there and started waving the gun. He was shouting that who wants independence… take this freedom. When he fired, a person got hit in the hand, someone else could have been shot elsewhere. Delhi CAA Protest.

Jamia Attacker Firing In Jamia

According to initial reports, the name of the person who fired is being told as Gopal. Which Delhi Police has taken into custody. The Delhi Police is now investigating the case and interrogating the person detained. The person who injured due to firing has been admitted to a nearby hospital. Delhi CAA Protest.

March Was To Be Removed To Rajghat

Significantly, on the occasion of the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the protesters had today said to take a march from Jamia to Rajghat. However, the Delhi Police did not allow this march. For this reason, protesters and police were faces to face here.

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