After Shaheen Bagh, Budget Will Open BJP’s Next Weapon For Delhi

Shaheen Bagh Delhi Election 2020

Shaheen Bagh of Delhi has become an issue in the assembly elections. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is an attacker on the Kejriwal government. After making Shaheen Bagh an electoral weapon, BJP will now keep the people of Delhi from the general budget. According to sources, the general budget will be the second major weapon of the BJP in the elections.

BJP leaders hope that there will be big gifts for the people of Delhi in the budget. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has held only one rally so far, will go out to campaign for the party after the budget. Please tell that PM Modi has held only one rally in Delhi so far. After the budget, PM Modi will have two to three big rallies. The Prime Minister can focus on the announcements made for Delhi in the budget. They can also raise issues like the Citizenship Amendment Act and Shaheen Bagh.

Shaheen Bagh Issue Turning Point

In the election campaign so far, BJP has transformed Shaheen Bagh into nationalism vs. non-nationalism. BJP is feeling that the Bagh issue can become the turning point of the election. The electoral strategy in Delhi has been prepared by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and the party is now moving forward on this line. Significantly, there are protests in Shaheen Bagh from CAA, NPR, and NRC since December 15. From the second week of January, news of demonstrations like Shaheen Bagh has started coming in other parts of the country.

PM Modi is the face of BJP

In Delhi, the BJP is contesting on the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but so far Prime Minister Modi has held only one rally. Voting is to be held on February 8. In such a situation, PM Modi’s rally can be held in the last phase. Just before the Delhi elections, the central government decided to consolidate the unauthorized colony, which the BJP is describing as the biggest achievement. In the coming days, PM Modi can hold a meeting in one of these unauthorized colonies.