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Supreme Court Orders Demolition of Supertech Two Towers


Supertech Building Order: The Supreme Court has approved the Allahabad High Court’s decision to demolish two 40-storey towers in Noida, after which both these buildings are set to be destroyed. That is, now Supertech has to smash its own 40-40 floor building. By the way, those who have bought flats in these towers will be given money with interest. Now what action Supertech takes on this decision will be seen later.

After this decision, this question is how such a big building will be demolished in people’s minds. Also, people who have houses in their vicinity are afraid that will this affect their flat? In such a situation, today we tell you how such a big building is demolished and how the explosion is done in demolishing the building. Also, you will know what the effect of building in this way on the surrounding structure is?

How is a building demolished?

Such large buildings are either demolished using explosives or, in a usual way, destroyed based on each floor. Also, the pillars are broken according to the plan of the bed. But, when a building is demolished with explosives, it is a complicated process. This difficult task is done through Mining Blast or Demolition Expert.


Anand Sharma, a mining engineer and well-known demolition expert, told Spot News 18, ‘A plan is prepared to demolish such a large building. The surrounding land, buildings, geographical location is seen. After this, work is done on it with building permission, and then the building is demolished.

A unique plan is prepared for this. This plan is prepared according to the weight and texture, and the plan is designed. In this, it has to be seen where the critical support of the building is, and explosives are planted there, due to which the building collapses.

He said, ‘The plan also decides on which floor the explosive is to be installed and the walls of some floors are removed. , after the complete design is done, the building is demolished.


How is a building demolished in a usual way?

Sometimes large buildings are demolished without any explosives. In this, the floor or different parts are targeted and broken. A few years ago, some hostel building in Rajasthan’s NIMS University was demolished, then instead of explosive, it was destroyed in the usual way.

IPS Rahul Jain, who played an essential role in this action at that time, told Spot News 18 that at that time, the project was demolished without explosives, in which the building was destroyed with the help of drills etc., in the first pillar.

What is the effect on the surrounding?

Let us inform you that last year, 19-storey H2O Holy Faith and 32-storey Alpha Serene buildings were demolished in the Maradu area on the seashore in Kochi, Kerala. The responsibility of demolishing these buildings was given to Anand Sharma. Also, he has played an essential role in the demolition of many buildings in the past.


In such a situation, Anand Sharma says, ‘When the building was demolished in Kochi, there was another building just a few meters away. Therefore, it can be said that it does not have much effect on the nearby building, and according to the nearby building, the plan is already designed.

Anand Sharma said, ‘By the way, if there is a building on one side, then its weight is transferred to one side, that is, the building is tilted on the other side. There is a steel resistor in the structure, which prevents the formation from collapsing immediately.

Due to this, the building slowly comes down and does not fall all of a sudden. It takes time and does not affect the nearby building much. Dust remains a big issue while demolishing the bus building, as it releases a lot of dust.


Which explosive is used?

Anand Sharma said that only regular commercial explosives are used for this. By the way, Internal Glanternte Explosive is also used for this, and this work is done after the permission of the collector, DM etc.

Ashish Kumar Mishra
Ashish Kumar Mishra
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