Petrol-Diesel and LPG Prices Down, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra

Petrol-Diesel and LPG Prices Down, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra

Petrol, diesel and LPG prices have already seen some decline. Meanwhile, Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said a big thing. The petroleum minister has said to give full benefit to the customer when crude oil in the international market is low.

Dharmendra Pradhan said, ‘Petrol-diesel and LPG prices have started declining for the last few days. We had said that when the price of crude oil decreases in the international market, we will benefit the customer. We have started giving benefits to the customer as promised.

Demand for petrol and diesel increased by 27 per cent in March

T.he consumption of diesel and petrol in India has increased by more than 27 per cent. Whereas the lockdown imposed a year ago reduced fuel demand by 70 per cent. In fact, due to the lockdown imposed a year ago, everyone was forced to stay at their home, so the demand for fuel had decreased due to not going out. Whereas in March 2019, there was a slight decrease in the demand for diesel. But the sale of petrol increased by 5 per cent.

This increase happened because people like to drive their vehicles more with petrol than diesel. But this time, according to the market data, the sale of diesel has increased by 90 per cent. Therefore, its demand has increased to 128 per cent, while the demand for petrol has increased by 127 per cent.

At the beginning of March, diesel consumption has registered a growth of 7 per cent year-on-year and 5 per cent on petrol, which is a sign of improvement in its demand since the coronavirus. Simultaneously, jet fuel sales have also registered a remarkable increase, which is 4 per cent more than in March 2020.