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When Can We Get the Digital Tickets For Mumbai Local Train?


Digital Tickets For Mumbai Local Train: Corona infection in Mumbai has come under control to a large extent. Mail and express trains, including Mumbai Local Train, are also running on the track at total capacity before the Corona period. But the passengers travelling in Mumbai local are agitated that they have to come to the ticket window to get the ticket.

Mobile or other digital facilities are still closed for taking tickets. That is, it is a compulsion to come to the ticket window to get the ticket. When will the system of taking tickets through their mobile or another digital mode resume? That is the question of Mumbaikars.

Digital Tickets For Mumbai Local Train

A lot of time is wasted in getting tickets by standing in front of the ticket window, so Mumbaikars want to see the facility of taking tickets through mobile or other digital means once again is restored.


Before the Corona era, digital ticketing options like ATVM, KOTVM, GTBS and Mobile UTS were available for passengers. They were closed during the Corona period. But now, the wave of Corona is on its way. Now trains are running at total capacity as before. Why is the digital ticketing facility still closed when everything is being normalised? This question is as it is.

Effect of ST strike on Mumbai local

The state employees’ of ST buses in the state has also affected Mumbai and Mumbai suburban train services. Many such people who used to travel in state transport buses are now travelling in trains. In such a situation, the lines are getting longer outside the ticket window to travel in Mumbai local.

One has to stand in long lines to get tickets. In such a situation, there is a demand of the passengers travelling in the train that the facility of digital ticket should be restored and the problems of the passengers should be reduced.


Even the lying machines will get damaged.

ATVMs and intelligent card machines installed outside ticket windows in railway stations are not being used. In such a situation, they are eating dust lying closed. Some railway officers and employees are also of the same opinion that if their use is not started soon, they will get spoiled. In such a situation, they will have to be sent to the junk.

Akash Kumar Mishra
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