Donald Trump Said – No Talk With PM Modi On CAA-Delhi Violence

US President Donald Trump held a press conference in Delhi

On the last day of his two-day visit to India, US President Donald Trump had a joint press conference with PM Modi on the one hand, while in the evening alone he addressed a press conference. While addressing the press conference, Trump said that this visit will memorable for me and my family. Our two days in India have been wonderful. During this, there was a positive conversation with PM Modi.

During the press conference, Donald Trump also asked questions on Delhi violence. On this, he said that there was no talk with PM Modi on this issue. With this, Trump said that India is more religious than other countries. At the same time, during the press conference once and when the question related to CAA ask, Trump clearly stated that CAA is India’s internal issue. There has been no discussion with India on CAA.

India-US Relationship Best: Donald Trump

During a conversation with reporters, Donald Trump said that India is a truly great country. Right now, India-US relations are the best. Bilateral issues of both countries have discussed. We have considered many issues. I want to promote mutual relations with India. We want to calm all over the world. Work is on to bring peace in Afghanistan. No innocence should kill.

Efforts Going On Against Islamic Terrorism: Trump

We are trying in this direction not to spread Islamic terrorism. The whole world saw what happened in Syria. We are working towards stopping it. We have taken several steps to curb terrorism. Efforts are on to eliminate radical Islam from its roots. For this, all countries should come forward to help. Efforts made to put pressure on Pakistan on this.

I Am Ready For Mediation If Needed: Trump

On the H-1B visa, Donald Trump said that he had a conversation with PM Modi. India and America are against terrorism. PM Modi is very strong about terrorism. We want India-Pakistan to come closer. For this, I am also ready for mediation.