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E-Shram Card Yojana: Get Rs 1000 Per Month In Your Bank Account


E-Shram Card 2022: The Ministry of Labor and Employment has started an important scheme for the unorganized sector workers. If you get yourself registered under this scheme, the government will transfer 1000 rupees to your account. You will also get the benefit of insurance of Rs 2 lakh. This scheme started by the Central Government is E-Shram Card Scheme.

You can become a beneficiary of this scheme by filling the E-Shram Card Registration Form 2022. The government has transferred 1000 rupees of the first instalment of this E-Shram Card Scheme 2022 in the bank accounts of lakh workers. This is a beneficial scheme for poor working families. Therefore, all the workers must get themselves registered under it.

Through the Maintenance Allowance Scheme 2022, the government sends money to the bank accounts of labour families holding e-shram cards. Therefore, you should also take complete information about E-Shram Card Bhatta 2022. You should also know how to check E-Shram Card Payment Status.


Before registration, let us tell you about this scheme that the central government has collected the data of about two crore unorganized sector workers across the country. Right now, the first instalment of 1000-1000 rupees has been deposited in the account of these people. At the end of December 2021, money transfers started in the workers’ bank accounts. This money is being sent under Direct Benefit Transfer.

2 lakh insurance, maintenance allowance to pregnant women

Accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh is also being given to the beneficiaries of the e-shram card scheme. The government is also planning to provide pensions to the beneficiaries of this scheme in future. Not only this, but pregnant women will also get a maintenance allowance. If the cardholders want to build a house, they will be given a different amount by the government. The government will also provide financial help to the e-shram cardholders for children’s education.

These people will get the benefit of an E-Shram card.

The workers/workers of the unorganized sector benefit from an e-shram card. The benefit of this scheme will be given to street vendors, horsemen, rickshaw and handcart drivers, barbers, washermen, tailors, cobblers, fruit vegetables and milk sellers. Not only this, men/women working from door to door will also be given the benefit of the e-shram card scheme.


Highlights of the Scheme

  • 1000 per month will be sent to the workers’ bank account under the e-shram card scheme.
  • E-shram cardholders will automatically start getting the benefits of essential schemes of the state.
  • Those applying for an e-shram card will also get a pension facility.
  • The workers of the unorganized sector, in addition to handcarts, rickshaws, e-rickshaws, street vendors, hawkers, workers engaged in construction work, will benefit from this scheme.
  • Under the e-Shram card bhatta scheme, the workers of the unorganized sector will benefit from this scheme.
  • All registered workers will be able to take advantage of this allowance scheme.
  • Whatever money will be given to the workers under the e-shram card scheme will be directly transferred to their bank account through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer).
  • Applicants will also benefit from health services under the e-shram card bhatta scheme.
  • All the workers registered under the e-shram card will start getting the benefits of all the central and state government schemes.
  • Financial assistance will be given to all unorganized sector workers, including migrant workers, construction workers, platform workers, street vendors, domestic workers, agricultural workers.

Objectives of E-Shram Card Scheme

The objective of the e-shram card scheme is to introduce social security services for the workers of the unorganized sector. The scheme was started only to improve their efficiency. The main objective of this scheme is that the benefits of all the social security and welfare schemes of the central and state governments can reach all the workers of the unorganized sector and migrant and construction workers.

The government is preparing a database of the unorganized workers of the country through e-shram cards so that if there is a national crisis like the corona epidemic in future, then the central and state governments can have their complete data so that the government can help all those people. Reach in less time. To help them so that people do not have to face any problem, as happened in 2020.

The database of workers that the government has prepared through the E Shram Card portal also contains information about which workers are skilled in which work. In future, the government will be helped to employ according to their skills.


How to Check E-Shram Card Balance

  • Check the SMS, i.e. message of the mobile number you have entered in your bank account.
  • Get information about the account by going to the post office or bank, where you have an account.
  • Get the passbook updated in the post office or bank; the balance will be known.
  • If you do not want to go to the bank or post office, you can also check your account on your mobile with Google Pay, Paytm and any such wallet.

Where to Register

Getting an e-Shramik card is not very difficult. It is as easy as that. If you use the Internet, you can register in a matter of seconds. You can register online on the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India, After this, you will start getting the benefits of all the schemes of the Government of India and the State Government.

Once you have registered, 1000-1000 rupees will start coming into your bank or post office account every month. You will also get the benefit of accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh. You do not even need to make any payment for this. Get registered for free, call an allowance of Rs 1000 every month and accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh.

If you have registered yourself under this scheme, then you will start getting the benefits of all the social and public welfare schemes of the state government of the state you are a resident of. You will not even need to apply or register separately for those schemes. Therefore, it is considered one of the ambitious schemes of PM Narendra Modi government.

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