Earthquake in Delhi NCR: Earthquake In Many Parts Of The Country

Earthquake in Delhi NCR: Earthquake tremors have felt in many places of India including Delhi on Friday evening. According to initial information, there is no loss of any kind. However, after the earthquake tremors, people came out of the houses in fear and fear. At the same time, people working in the office also came out of their workplace and saved their lives. According to the US Seismological Center, the magnitude of this earthquake has been 6.4. The epicenter of this earthquake was 245 kilometers from Kabul. The earthquake has been felt around 5.12 am according to the time of India.

Earthquake in Delhi NCR

The epicenter of the earthquake was in Hindukush, Afghanistan. Its intensity on the Richter scale measure at 6.4. The tremors of this earthquake have felt in Punjab, Haryana, Kashmir. At the same time, the shock of this earthquake has also felt in Islamabad, Pakistan, and other places. Earthquake tremors were felt in many cities including the capital Islamabad. The earth trembled for about 10 seconds with this shock. In Pakistan too, people felt out of their homes as soon as earthquake tremors were felt. By the time many people could understand, everything was quiet.

Earthquake in Delhi NCR

People Came Out Of Office In Gurugram Too

The tremors of earthquakes have felt all over North India including Delhi-NCR. Evening earthquake tremors have felt in Gurugram. This led to people coming out of the building of an IT company located in Cyber ​​City Sector 31.

No Loss Of Life Or Property

Earlier on 19 November, earthquake tremors were felt in many areas including Delhi. At that time the intensity of the earthquake was around five. At that time there was no loss of any kind. Explain that Delhi place in zone four of the seismic zone.

Earthquake in Delhi NCR Zone Four

It is also close to Himayal. In such a situation, if there is a severe earthquake in the Himalayan region, there may be more devastation in Delhi. There can be havoc in many areas of NCR too. According to experts, if there is a big earthquake in Delhi, then there will more loss of life and property because most areas are densely populated with East Delhi, West Delhi. There are many areas where help cannot reach in emergencies.

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