Earthquake In Ladakh: Earthquake In Ladakh Of Magnitude 3.6

Earthquake In Ladakh

Earthquake In Ladakh: The tremors have been felt in the Union Territory of Ladakh. The Richter scale has an earthquake measuring 3.6. At present, there has been no report of any kind of damage. Earlier on 12 January 2020, the tremors of the Ladakh earthquake were felt. The intensity of this earthquake was 5.3. In this earthquake, there was a possibility of a glacier falling in the mountainous region.

Earthquake In Ladakh Also On 12 January

On 10 January 2020, earthquake tremors felt in Ladakh. Then the earthquake came at 8:22 pm. Whose epic center was 63.6 km north of Leh and 193.1 km east of Kargil? However, no property or property damaged then.

Why Does An Earthquake Occur?

Thousands of people die every year worldwide from earthquakes. Despite improvements in house building and earthquake forecasting techniques, there has been no reduction in loss of life and property due to earthquakes. Let us know why the earthquake comes.

An earthquake occurs as a result of energy generated by sudden movement in the outer layer of the Earth. This energy produces seismic waves on the surface of the Earth, which manifested by shaking or displacing the land. Earthquake In Ladakh.

Due To Earthquake

Earthquakes can occur due to natural phenomena or anthropogenic causes. Often earthquakes caused by geological faults. Massive gas migration is mainly due to methane deep inside the earth, volcanoes, landslides.

Here’s How To Protect

  1. Build a seismic building in a safe place.
  2. Take training in disaster management from time to time and rehearse.
  3. Make a disaster kit in which radio, essential paper, mobile, torch, matches, candles, slippers, some money, and necessary medicines are kept.
  4. Hold the furniture tightly to maintain balance.
  5. Do not use the lift at all.
  6. Stay away from trees and power lines in open spaces.
  7. Do not go into the house after it is demolished.
  8. If you are inside the car, stay in it, do not get out.

Earthquake In Ladakh

The Tremors Have Been Felt In The Union Territory Of Ladakh. The Richter Scale Has An Earthquake Measuring 3.6. No Loss In Earthquake in Ladakh.