Earthquake of 5.8 Magnitude Tremors in Rajkot, Gujarat.

Severe tremors have felt in Rajkot, Gujarat. The National Center for Seismology has reported an earthquake of 5.8. According to the news agency ANI, the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred at 8:13 pm stated in the northwest of Gujarat. After the earthquake tremors, people came out of the houses due to panic.

Earthquake in Rajkot, Gujarat.

It may mention that during the last two months. The tremor has also been felt in Delhi NCR 12 times. Not only this, but many earthquake tremors have also felt in different areas of the country. Due to the frequent earthquake tremors, people also have panic. Experts believe that the drying up of the earth is also a significant reason for recurring earthquakes. The continuous fall in the groundwater level is causing a load of fault lines within the surface to become unbalanced.

Apart from India, earthquake tremors were felt in three countries of the world on Sunday at different times. A strong quake of 5.7 was felt in Turkey, while a tremor of 5.6 was felt in Taiwan. The 6.3-magnitude sharp shock was felt in Japan. These tremors are pointing to the movement within the earth. However, the timing of these three earthquakes was different.

However, scientists are also studying other aspects of recent earthquakes. Experts point out that the existence of the earth rests on seven tectonic plates, and when the plates collide or there is some movement in the womb of the earth, the shock of the earthquake felt. India rests on the Indo-Australian plate. According to experts, the reason for the earthquake in the country is also the collision of this plate with the Eurasian plate. The adjustment of fault lines also results in earthquakes.

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