Big Success ED Has Discovered The Alleged Trust Of Tablighi Jamaat

Tablighi Jamaat ED

The ED has been successful. The ED has discovered the alleged trust of Tablighi Jamaat. The name of this trust has described as ‘Kashif ul Uloom’. The account of the faith has also seen, and now Maulana Saad and his sons will also be questioned about this trust. Also, the ED has found the person who used to send money abroad. So far, about ninety million rupees have shipped overseas.

In the case of Tablighi Jamaat, the ED was investigating under the Money Laundering Act. The ED has got a big success. The ED has come to know of a trust, which is said to be associated with Tablighi Jamaat. Earlier, the ED had sought information from the Income Tax Department and other government institutions about the trusts associated with the Jamaat. But no confidence was revealed.

Due to which the ED was worried about how and how the money is going in the Tablighi Jamaat. To whom does the money come and to whom. According to sources, now the name of which has revealed, the name of Kashif ul Uloom has been told. It also learned that the bank account of this trust is in Nizamuddin’s Bank of India. The ED will issue a notice to the Bank of India seeking information about the trust accounts.

Alleged Trust Kashif ul Uloom

The ED wants to know what is the relationship of this trust with the Tablighi Jamaat. What does this have to do with Maulana Saheb and his sons? The ED will also question Maulana Saad and his sons about this. According to ED sources, during the investigation so far, the names of many ordinary people have been revealed. In this, the name of a person mentioned Nizami. Nizami’s hotel and perfume business have described.

Apart from this, a person named Abbas Afghani is also suspected, who is allegedly said to be doing hawala business. ED official said that much valuable information would come out from the inquiry that has been done in this case so far. Also, the documents sent by the Delhi Police translated from Urdu to Hindi, and many more essential facts can reveal after this translation.

Alleged Trust Of Tablighi Jamaat

According to ED sources, until now, the wire of money laundering is not directly connected with Maulana Saad. But as the investigation is progressing, the Maulana Saad and his close friends are getting screwed by the ED. According to sources, the inquiries now taking place in this case and the documents coming from banks and elsewhere can play an essential role in tightening the clutches.

Keep in mind that the crime branch of Delhi Police has also filed a case under various criminal sections against Tablighi Jamaat and its officials. Whose investigation is going on separately? Based on the Delhi Police report, the ED is investigating under the Money Laundering Act.