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Kanpur: Engine Failed During Landing; Plane Veered Off The Runway


A major accident was averted today at Chakeri Airport in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. According to the information received, the engine on the left side failed during the landing of a Coastguard aircraft. Due to this, the plane suddenly turned to the right. Due to the plane’s high speed, it became unbalanced in such a situation. So he left the runway and started running.

In such a situation, it was fortunate that a major accident was averted during this time. At the same time, after landing from the runway, the plane stopped after going a little further. However, there has been no information about any damage to it.

Engine Failed During Landing at Chakeri Airport

According to media reports, this plane came from Chennai to Chakeri Airport in Kanpur. According to airport officials, this Coastguard aircraft deviated from the runway after being unbalanced. According to information received from the airport officials, the plane’s left engine stopped working after landing. As the pilots landed the aircraft on the runway, it turned right and collided ahead.


There is no information of any casualty in the accident

At the same time, there was a sudden engine failure in the Dornier 228 aircraft of the Coast Guard going from Chennai to Kanpur. It collided with an airport structure after landing. According to the officials, this plane was going to Chakeri in Kanpur. At the same time, there is no report of any casualty in the accident.

Coast Guard aircraft pilots and jawans safe

Let us tell you that the pilots and Air Force officers narrowly escaped after the Coast Guard plane 228. At the same time, after this accident, the pilot and the Air Force personnel were entirely successful in getting themselves out safely, where a major accident was averted.

Learn about the case in detail?

A video is becoming increasingly viral in Kanpur, in which the plane is landing on the runway at the airport. In landing, the rear wheels of the aircraft came smoothly on the runway, but the spark is seen coming out as soon as it makes contact with the front wheel. In such a situation, the balance of the aircraft on the runway goes on deteriorating and suddenly descended from the runway and went down.


At the same time, the aircraft’s speed was high, and the pilot tried to stop by applying the emergency brake, but the plane stopped breaking the signal tower on the left. The crew aboard the aircraft landed quickly, and the pilot also landed; all were said to be safe.

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