Explosion in Chemical Factory in Ratnagiri, 4 people Dead, 1 Injured

Explosion in chemical factory in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

There was an explosion in a chemical factory in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. After which, there was a smog of smoke in the sky. The blast took place at the Gharada Chemical Company in Lotte MIDC in Ratnagiri. After which, the factory caught fire. At the same time, four labourers have died in this accident while one is badly injured.

An explosion in Chemical Factory in Ratnagiri

As news of the fire spread, crowds of people gathered on the spot. Several fire brigade vehicles overcame the fire after a lot of hard work. However, the reasons for how the blast happened are still being ascertained.

People living nearby say that during the last one year, there have been 5 to 6 such incidents in MIDC. This is the second explosion in MIDC over the previous eight days. A few days ago, there was an explosion at the Supriya Chemical Company in MIDC. In such a situation, people demand that concrete steps should be taken to avoid such incidents.

Corona in Maharashtra

On the other hand, the cases of corona in Maharashtra are increasing rapidly. The state government is taking several measures as a precautionary measure. Lockdown has been imposed in many districts, and strict laws are being followed in many areas. As of eight o’clock on Friday morning, 25,681 new cases of the corona were reported in Maharashtra. Which is 65 per cent of the total points in the country.