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Have the Farmers Really Started Vacating the Ghazipur Border?


A video of Rakesh Tikait and his associates removing their tents from the service lane of the Ghazipur border is going viral on social media. Meanwhile, a video of farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has also come, in which he is saying that the road was closed by the police, not by the farmers. Now we are going to Delhi. However, farmers’ organizations are dismissing discussions of vacating the Ghazipur border and slowing down the movement.

Farmers Started Vacating the Ghazipur Border?

Shortly before this development on the Ghazipur border, the Supreme Court reprimanded the farmers’ organizations for blocking the way. During this, the Supreme Court made it clear that the protest is the right of the farmers, but the roads cannot be closed forever, and there should be no doubt in this regard.

After this, a video surfaced removing the barrier of Rakesh Tikait from Ghazipur.


What did Tikait say about removing the tents?

Bharatiya Kisan Union leaders can be heard saying that we are paving the way by respecting the court’s orders. When was farmer leader Rakesh Tikait asked whether he would remove everything? Then he said,

“Yeah, all will be removed. After that, we will go to Delhi and sit in the Parliament, where this law has been made. We have to go to Delhi.”

Until the time of writing the news, many farmers were present on the Ghazipur border. The work of removing the tents and other items on the service road was going on. Delhi Police also reached the Ghazipur border.


Farmer leaders are opening the way, but they have denied that the Ghazipur border is being cleared. He told through a tweet,

“Farmers brothers, this rumour is being spread that Ghazipur border is being vacated. This is completely baseless. We are showing that the road has not been closed by the farmers, but by the Delhi Police”.


Supreme Court Reprimanded

Earlier, on Thursday itself, the Supreme Court heard the petition filed to open the closed roads due to the farmers’ agitation. The Supreme Court reprimanded the organizations associated with the farmers’ movement. The court said that,

“You protest in any way, but not by blocking the road like this. The law is already set. Do we have to tell this over and over again? Roads should be clean. We cannot keep on framing laws again and again. You have the right to agitate, but you cannot block the road. Now some solution has to be found.”

The Supreme Court refused to consider other issues related to farmers and said that we would not go into any significant problem. This matter is related to the opening of the road. During the hearing, advocate Dushyant Dave, representing the farmers’ organizations, said the police closed the road. We (the farmers) did not.


The Supreme Court asked Dave to argue that the road should not be removed or that the police, not you, have blocked the road. Justice SK Kaul said that the streets should be clean. People have to come and go on those roads. We have a problem with the issue of road jams.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta raised the issue of violence at Red Fort on January 26, saying that sometimes agitations are not genuine but other reasons. The Supreme Court has already put a stay on agricultural laws. The Supreme Court said that notices were sent to 43 farmer organizations in this case. But only four unions, including the Bharatiya Kisan Union, have registered their presence.

Justice Kaul said that we could not force anyone to come here. The Solicitor General noted that some organizations are ready to go to court. We want to discuss. However, the Supreme Court has given time till December 7 to the farmers’ organizations to file their response regarding removing the road. The next hearing will be on December 7.

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