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Father-Son Killed in Firecrackers Explosion in Tamil Nadu


A painful example of how dangerous Diwali crackers can be was seen in Tamil Nadu. A heart-wrenching incident happened on the day of Diwali in Villupuram district here. Father and son died due to the explosion of firecrackers. Both were on their way from Puducherry to Villupuram at the time of the accident.

They had Diwali crackers. According to reports, they exploded on how the father and son were killed. The CCTV footage of the incident is viral on social media.

Father Son Died in Firecracker Explosion Scooter


Father-Son Killed in Firecrackers Explosion in Tamil Nadu

According to the report of Akshay Nath associated with Spot News 18, the local police, while giving information about the incident, said that the victim Kalanson and his 7-year-old son were residents of Puducherry. On Thursday, November 4, on the occasion of Diwali, Cullenson had given firecrackers to his son.

Both of them were going to Villupuram by scooter with them. Officials said the father-son duo were on a scooter, in front of which they had placed a bag full of firecrackers. It has been told that Pradeep was sitting on this bag.

Police have got CCTV footage of the incident. It is seen that while Pradeep is sitting, there is a sudden loud explosion in a bag full of firecrackers. The blast’s power was so much that Kalanson and Pradeep, who were on the scooter, fell about 10-15 meters away, and both of them died on the spot.

Kalanson and His Son Pradeep
Kalanson and His Son Pradeep

Reporter Akshay Nath quoted local people saying that the explosion was so intense that its sound was heard for several kilometres. In this, apart from the death of Kalanson and Pradeep, three bike riders who were around them at the time of the incident were also injured.

In a conversation with Spot News 18, Villupuram police said that these injuries had been admitted to the hospital for treatment. Apart from this, a car and two bikes have also been damaged in the blast. On the instructions of DIG M Pandian, Villupuram district, a case has been registered, and an investigation is being done.

What are people saying?

Media reports quoting the police said that Kalanson was carrying firecrackers on his scooter, and an explosion killed him and Pradeep. But seeing the intensity of the blast, many people are not convinced that firecrackers can cause such a terrible blast. See some of the responses.


The Twitter handle named Dr Jaya Naik said,

Maybe it’s not because of firecrackers. This could happen for some other reason. Please verify.

A user named Ranganath said,


It sounds like a bomb blast. I don’t think it would have happened because of firecrackers.

Even before, firecrackers have taken.

People may not believe it, but the news of someone being killed due to an explosion in firecrackers has been coming for a long time. According to an October 2017 report in the Times of India, two youths were killed when firecrackers exploded on the road in Agra, UP.


The scenes of that accident also precisely match the incident of Villupuram. The blast dismembered the youths’ bodies, and the scooter on which they were riding was also severely damaged in the explosion.

At the same time, earlier in 2015, two people were killed, and many were injured due to explosion in firecrackers on Agra-Firozabad National Highway-2. The list does not end here. In 2014, firecrackers kept in a crackers storehouse in Dhaura village of Firozabad district exploded. In that accident also two people were killed, and many were injured.

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