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FIR In Kanpur Against 8 Policemen Of Lucknow In Robbery Of 40 Lakhs


A case of robbery has been registered on a police team of Lucknow in Kanpur. On the court’s orders, this FIR has been registered against eight police officers involved in the crime team of DCP (East), Lucknow, at Kakadev police station in Kanpur.

In January this year, the team of DCP East arrested some people living in Kanpur in the name of betting on cricket. It is alleged that the police first demanded one crore rupees. After this talk was made for 40 lakh rupees, the police sent four accused to jail even after taking the money.

FIR In Kanpur Against 8 Policemen Of Lucknow

According to the report of Santosh Sharma of Aaj Tak, in January, the team of Sanjeev Suman, who was the DCP of Lucknow East, arrested Mayank Singh, Durgesh Singh, Akash Goyal and Shamshad Ahmed of Kanpur for feeding online betting from Gomti Nagar. Then the police had alleged that these people provide bets in cricket matches from Lucknow to Kanpur. They have an extensive network.


After being released from jail, Mayank Singh has filed a case of robbery against the crime team of the then DCP Sanjeev Suman. On the court’s orders, a matter of theft has been registered against Sub-Inspector Rajneesh Verma, Devkinandan, Sandeep Sharma, Narendra Bahadur Singh, Ramniwas Shukla, Anand Mani Singh, Amit Lakhera and Rinku Singh in charge of the crime team at Kakadev police station in Kanpur.

What has Mayank Singh alleged?

It has been alleged that on January 24, 2021, at 3:30 pm, when Mayank Singh was going on a scooter in the Kakadev area with his friend Akash Goyal, the crime branch team that came from two vehicles took him into custody. Its team brought him to Lucknow Cantt police station.

After keeping Mayank and Akash in the Cantt police station, the police took Mayank’s maternal uncle Durga Singh and a coaching operator Shamshad Ahmed into custody from the Hazratganj area of ​​Lucknow.


It is alleged that the police team demanded one crore rupees from Durga Singh’s elder brother Vikram Singh, but the matter was settled on 40 lakhs. The police team went to Kanpur and took this amount from Vikram Singh.

Mayank Singh says that even after taking 40 lakh rupees, the police team came to Lucknow and registered a case at Gomti Nagar Extension Police Station and sent the four accused to jail.

He also says that after taking 40 lakh rupees in Kanpur, he also says that the crime team went to Durga Singh’s house on the same day and searched. And robbed 30 thousand rupees and jewellery worth about one and a half lakhs kept in the place.


On this matter, Lucknow Police Commissioner DK Thakur says that a case has been registered. It will be apparent in the investigation whether the policemen are guilty or not. Action will be taken based on whatever facts come in the investigation.

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