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RRB NTPC: Patna’s Khan Sir, Others Booked For Inciting Violence, FIR


In Bihar, the youth’s protest against the RRB NTPC Result continues. Meanwhile, Patna Police has registered an FIR against more than 400 people, including Khan Sir and many other coaching operators.

According to a report by Ashish Kumar Mishra associated with Spot News 18, the police of Patna’s Patrakar Nagar police station had detained some agitating students after the violence on Monday and Tuesday. According to officials, the arrested students say that a video had gone viral on social media, giving them the instigation of violence and riots.

According to the police, in this video, Khan sir is purportedly inciting students to take to the streets and agitate if the RRB NTPC exam is not cancelled. Officials said that based on this statement of the students, a case had been registered against Khan sir and many other coaching operators of Patna. This case has been registered under several sections, including illegal crowd gathering, humiliating police officers, vandalizing and obstructing traffic under a conspiracy.


What about Khan, Sir?

Talking to the media a few hours before the Patna Police registered the FIR, Khan sir had denied the allegations of inciting the students. On the charge of instigating the movement, Khan sir said,

“This is being said wrong; there are some independent YouTubers who allege whatever…we are stopping the boys from agitating…the boys of Jaipur were saying that we will concern on 26 January, but we have told everyone Forbidden not to agitate on 26 January.

And if we are instigating the movement, then when we become silent, the agitation should also stop. The DM of Rajendra Nagar also talked to the students; he has his statement that this movement is going on without any leader”.


During this, Khan sir also explained the reason for the flare-up of the movement. They said,

“Behind the fury of the movement is the second decision of the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB). On 24 January, when around 500 NTPC students were waiting for RRB notification at Rajendra Nagar Terminal in Patna, they expected good news. But the RRB notification added fuel to the fire.

The board’s notification was not for NTPC people but Group-D people. It was told that the Mains exam will now be taken for Group-D candidates. In such a situation, there are 1.5 crore students of Group D single exam who were watching the commotion of NTPC students through the media; they got furious with the talk of the exam and joined with the students of NTPC.


This made the movement bigger. This is all the fault of RRB… The form was filled out in 2019, the exam is in February, and you told me about it 15 days ago. This enraged the boys.”

Protest Against RRB NTPC In Gaya
Protest Against RRB NTPC Candidates Continues At Gaya Railway Station.

On 26 January, the Railways cancelled the RRB’s NTPC CBT-1 and Group D CBT-2 exams, given the furious agitation of the students and ordered an inquiry by forming a committee. Regarding this, Khan sir said that if the RRB had taken this decision earlier, perhaps the agitation would not have happened. He had got 8 million tweets done on Twitter, but RRB ignored it.

What was the matter?

Let us tell you that RRB released the result of the NTPC CBT-1 exam on 14th and 15th January 2022. Based on this result, candidates have been shortlisted for CBT-2, i.e. Phase-II examination. But many students allege that the consequence of NTPC CBT-1 has been rigged.


Due to this, students started protesting against RRB in many districts of Bihar. Students allegedly torched a passenger train in Bihar’s Arrah and pelted stones at the police. At the same time, a service engine of the railway was set on fire in Patna.

What did Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnav say on the allegations of rigging?

In a conversation with Spot News 18 on this matter, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said that this entire issue would be resolved with transparency. He claimed that there was no malpractice in the examination. His team consists of many experienced people who have completed this process in the past.

According to the Railway Minister, the students are protesting and accusing them of rigging to form and investigate a committee. This committee will submit its report to the government within three weeks.

Shubham Dubey
Shubham Dubey
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