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Five Prisoners Attempt Suicide In Delhi’s Tihar Jail, All Hospitalized


In Tihar Jail, the country’s largest jail, injuring five prisoners has come to light. This incident is on Tuesday, January 3; it is being told that these five prisoners have injured themselves. All these prisoners were admitted in Ward 1 of Jail No. After the incident, they were first shifted to the jail hospital and then referred to the DDU hospital.

If jail sources are to be believed, all these prisoners had also tried to hang themselves from the noose (Tihar Jail Prisoners Attempt Suicide), i.e. they all tried to commit suicide together, but the jail staff stationed there were informed about this. Took it. The jail staff immediately opened the prisoners’ ward, making noise and saving everyone’s life.

DG denies suicide attempts.

Five prisoners lodged in Tihar Jail tried to commit suicide, but the jail administration has denied the attempt to commit suicide. Tihar Jail DG Sandeep Goyal says that all the prisoners have been injured, but no one has attempted suicide.


Sources say that five prisoners attempting suicide together have happened for the first time in the jail. Single prisoners have committed suicide many times. Many prisoners have also been saved after the installation of new CCTV cameras.

Corona reached Tihar

Corona cases have also entered in Tihar Jail. According to the data received in the jail till Wednesday evening, 11 prisoners have been found corona infected. Eight of these prisoners have been infected in Tihar and the remaining three in Mandoli jail. At the same time, nine employees working in different prisons have also been found corona positive. Jail sources say that typical symptoms are seen in most infected.

The jail administration says that all the measures are being taken to protect the prisoners from the corona. The prisoners have been told they can get themselves examined if they have any problems.

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