Gas Leak Inside Bhilai Steel Plant Chhattisgarh Last Night

Bhilai Steel Plant News

Six people have admitted to the hospital after a gas leak late Thursday night at the Chhattisgarh Bhilai Steel Plant. However, all this is out of danger and the gas leak has been controlled. All of them admit to the hospital in Sector 9 for misconduct. Due to the understanding and activism of the officers and employees, there was a big accident. It is being said that if the gas leakage is not controlled in a timely manner, a fire can also occur in the blast furnace.

Bhilai Steel Plant

According to the news, during the steel production in the blast furnace 8 on Thursday late night, the gas pressure created, which causes the gas in the pipeline to reverse and then leak. In the meantime, in order to avoid leakage in the line, several points have U-seals, they open automatically.

Employees Came Out After Hearing The Sound Of Sirens

Bhilai Steel Plant Gas escapes from these points so that there is no major accident in the furnace. At the point from which the gas comes out, there is an indicator from which the employees and officers move away. Similarly, as soon as the siren started ringing in the plant, everyone started moving away from there. At this place, 4 workers were sitting in the loco, who could not escape from there. This is the reason why he is hit by gas. To save people, 4 employees of Energy Management reached the spot. When these people arrived to save the employees, 2 of them also fell into the grip of gas. After which all these 6 people admit. It says that EMD’s DGM Rajesh Kumar fell prey to it during maintenance. Bhilai Steel Plant.

Thereafter, three personnel recruit in the ICU. The condition of these three states to be critical. At the same time, the remaining three people were in the ward. At the moment, the status of all these is stable. People caught in the gas name loco driver Abhishek Anand, 26 years resident, Nehru Nagar East, loco driver Khurshipar, K. Nagaraj 33 years, Santosh Kumar and Kalidas, signalman Balakrishna 27 years resident Khurshipar.

14 Workers Lost Their Lives In The Gas Tank

For information, let us know that on October 9, 2018, 14 workers lost their lives in the gas tank. The infrastructure of the Bhilai Steel Plant, established in 1955 in collaboration with Soviet Russia, is quite old. Renovation work also not done here. Often this is why incidents happen here.