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30 Times Increase in the Goat Milk Price in Firozabad After Dengue


Goat Milk Price in Firozabad: In Firozabad Dengue ( Dengue In Firozabad case) are increasing. In dengue disease, the platelets of the patient keep falling continuously. Meanwhile, shocking news has come. The price of goat’s milk sold at Rs 50 per litre has seen a sharp rise.

But in the last month, the prices in Firozabad have gone up 30 times to Rs 1,500 per litre after the dengue outbreak. The reason for this rapidly rising price is a misconception that goat’s milk increases the platelet count.

Goat Milk Price in Firozabad

On the condition of anonymity, a tea vendor from Sadar Bazar said, “Since the outbreak of dengue started last month, people have been approaching me for goat milk. I used to sell it for Rs 50 per litre. With the increase in demand, the price has gone up to Rs 1,500.” She further added, “The prices are very high as goat milk is not produced commercially in this area. I get goat milk from a dairy supplier.”


Goat’s milk is not available easily.

Buyers said local doctors had told them that goat’s milk could help increase platelets. Arvind Sharma, a resident of Adarsh ​​Nagar in Firozabad, said, “An Ayurvedic doctor told me that goat milk could help fight dengue. When I asked my milkman, I was surprised to know that it costs Rs 1,500 per litre. It used to be only 50 rupees. Even if we spend money, it is not easily available because of the demand.”

Rajesh Pratap Singh, a farmer from Narkhi block, said that the demand is usually limited. He said, “Generally, goat milk is out of demand. People in rural areas buy it in small quantities, and some sell it to regular customers. After the outbreak of dengue in Firozabad, the demand for goat milk has increased significantly. Milk suppliers in cities are buying goat milk from rural areas at low prices and selling it to patients at higher margins. People engaged in animal husbandry professionally are also taking advantage of the situation.”

Fake doctor spreading rumours

However, the basis of this jump in demand is unfounded. Additional director (health) AK Singh said, “The milk of cow and goat is almost equally nutritious. There is no scientific evidence that goat’s milk increases platelets. Quackery doctors spread such misconceptions. People with dengue-like symptoms should consult qualified doctors and follow the prescribed course of medicines.” Along with this, coconut water, kiwi and papaya leaves are also telling quack.

Abhay Singh
Abhay Singh
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